The Fenty Beauty Family Sale’s Must-Have Products

Robert Hundley

Photo-Illustration: by The Cut; Photos: Fenty

Rihanna must love us because today the Savage X fashion show airs on Amazon and Fenty Beauty’s Family sale kicks. I guess that’s the power you have when you’re a billionaire, but I digress. We’re looking to indulge in restocking our makeup bags with products from the sale … and everything is on sale! Everything on the site is 25 percent off, no code required. Here are some of the Cut’s favorite items that you may want to add to your cart before they sell out (and they will sell out).

This is the one product Rihanna claims she can’t live without. It’s the lip gloss to rule all glosses — kissable, nonsticky, and beloved by everyone — and it’ll save you from “ashy lips,” as Ri would say. —Asia Milia Ware

Summer may be over, but Body Lava is the product to have on deck for a last-minute fall wedding or winter vacation when you want to be luminous, sun-kissed, and instantly glowing (so, always). My favorite place to slather it is on my shoulders when I’m wearing a strapless top or dress. It instantly elevates the look. —A.M.W.

When someone discovers a longer-lasting lip than Stunna, come find me. Until then, I’ll be stunting in my lip paint. This is the lip product that made me fall in love with mattes, not only because it lasts all day long but also because its formula isn’t drying. The shades are intensely pigmented and bold. The vibrant red color, Uncensored, is my top-shelf hue for fall. —A.M.W.

If “Shine bright like a diamond” were a product, it would be this. A highlighter as good as Killawatt doesn’t let a face mask steal its shine. Before and throughout the pandemic, I’ve sworn by this highlighter. It isn’t exceedingly shiny to the point where I look like a disco ball, but it isn’t too subtle — it’s perfect. —A.M.W.

Cream blush has been having a moment lately, but you haven’t tried cream blush until you’ve tried Cheeks Out. This blendable blush comes in a variety of deeply pigmented shades with an effortless finish that melts right into the skin. It also looks good on every single complexion, but that’s no surprise obviously: #FentyEffect. —A.M.W.

Just when you thought Gloss Bomb couldn’t get any better, it did. This version comes with zero shimmer, a whole lot of shine, just a hint of a tint, and an addictive warming sensation that makes lips instantly look fuller (and all-around better). —Erica Smith

Drawing the perfect cat eye becomes way more attainable with this pen. The triangular shape is easy to grip, and the supersaturated tip delivers instant opacity so you don’t have to go back over your work multiple times. —E.S.

It’s almost impossible to choose just one of the 20 matte, shimmer, metallic, and glitter shades this unbelievably creamy pencil comes in. Now’s the time to grab all the colors you’ve been eyeing, from Grillz to Cute Ting and all the ones in between. —E.S.

Don’t forget, Rihanna makes great brushes, too. This one is angled specifically like a shark’s tooth to really hug the face. And although it’s recommended for highlighter, I’ve found this brush is also great for blending in contours. —Kathleen Hou

You love to sparkle, and Rihanna knows it. Plus, Y2K fashion’s revival calls for body glitter. —K.H.

These lipsticks are now $5. Enough said. —K.H.

A nice set with savings you can get only on Rihanna’s site: her award-winning foundation, a primer, and a brush. —K.H.

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