‘I can’t make friends with girls because I’m pretty and they’re jealous – it’s lonely’

Robert Hundley

TikToker Ariana, who has nearly 50,000 followers on TikTok, has spoken out about the downsides of “pretty privilege” which she claims have stopped her from making friends with girls

Ariana says she expects to be “attacked” for speaking about this subject

A stunning woman who claims she desperately wants a best friend has revealed she can’t get girls to like her because she’s so attractive.

Ariana, who has a TikTok page amassing nearly 50,000 followers, says her life has been blighted by “pretty privilege” meaning she struggles to make friends.

In a video on her account, she says she expects to be “attacked” for speaking out about the downsides of her good looks.

She says she acknowledges that “pretty privilege” exists – and accepts that being attractive can make certain things in someone’s life much easier.

However, Ariana adds there are some negative aspects of being blessed with good looks.

Ariana claims she’s always struggled to make friends with girls



She says she was forced to make friends with boys at uni



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She says: “There’s also a bad side that nobody talks about, and I’m going to talk about my experience as a woman.”

Ariana then explains: “I don’t have many girlfriends. And it’s something I’ve struggled with for a long time and I’ve never really understood why.

She adds the issue has blighted her since she was at school and throughout university – which she says was a difficult time for her.

“Girls will always be like, ‘Oh my gosh, I love you so much, you’re so gorgeous’,” she says, adding they tend to make plans to hang out with her – but she’s often stood up.

“Then the time comes around and I’m always left out and talked about poorly behind my back.

“And it never makes sense because I’m always being so kind, so genuine.”

Ariana says it’s happened to her so many times it’s left her thinking: “What the f*** is going on?”

After suffering from a knock to her confidence, Ariana recalls going home to her family and telling them she was struggling to make friends at university.

She says: “I would come home from college on the weekends because I’d have nothing to do and I would cry to my mum because I didn’t understand.”

But she claims when she complained to her family members about how she was struggling, they said the answer was “obvious.”

She says: “They start telling me, ‘Ari, people don’t like to not be the prettiest person in the room’.”

She adds her family told her she intimidates other people with her attractiveness.

Ariana says her struggle to make friends with women got so bad she ended up joining a group of boys instead.

Over the years, Ariana says she still doesn’t know the answer for why people dislike her, even if they haven’t met her.

But she says: “I don’t know what the other answer is other than that you saw me and you were mad and you had to open your mouth.

“I do nothing, I mind my business.

“It gets lonely because I’m tired of women thinking we’re all in a competition. We’re all beautiful, can we just all be friends?”

Wrapping up her video, Ariana says: “People assume pretty people can’t struggle with things or don’t experience bad because they’re pretty but that’s really not the case.”

In the comments, lots of people praised Ariana for her honesty on a difficult subject.

One person wrote: “As one of the non pretty girls, I can tell you it’s simply because they are jealous. It may sound cliche but it’s true.”

Another said: “I’m so happy you made this video. I’ve struggled with this so much, friends who full on try to tear me down as kind and humble as I’ve been to them.”

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