The Best Beauty Products for Your Zodiac Sign in 2023

Robert Hundley

You heard it here first: 2023 is truly the year of the mind, body, and spirit glow-up. Whether you’re hoping to do that by investing in a new fitness routine, taking a chance at love by getting back on the dating apps, or entirely revamping your look, the astrology of this year is giving you the chance to get back in the groove and shine bright. 

Your personal beauty and wellness horoscope for 2023 can show you not only the best timing throughout the year to embody change and spontaneity, but also give you the details on which 2023 beauty trend and must-have products can help push you outside your comfort zone and embrace the true beauty of your zodiac sign. Find out yours, below.


It’s time for your main character moment, Aries! You’ll be feeling empowered to make some daring changes in your life around the solar eclipse in your sign on April 20, so we recommend making a statement with a colorful new makeup look this year. Bright, pigmented shades and long-lasting colors are set to be one of the hottest trends this year — think About Face’s saturated Matte Fluid Eye Paint and a fiery red lip from Ilia — and are sure to give a boost of confidence as you navigate all of these changes. 

About Face

Shop now: $16; 


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This year is set to be a lucky one for you, Taurus! 2023 is the year that your natural talent (and beauty) get to shine their brightest. When the planet of luck and expansion, Jupiter, moves into your sign on May 16, you can expect to feel a boost in confidence around your self-perception and how you express your personal style. This is a great time to embrace even more of what makes you unique, which is why you’ll want to stick to beauty trends and products that enhance your natural beauty; all you’ll need is a spritz of Tatcha’s Luminous Dewy Skin Mist and a swipe of Colorscience’s SPF-packed lip balm to glow.


Shop now: $49; 


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Ready to find your footing, Gemini? The last few months have felt like a whirlwind of confusion for you thanks to Mars, the planet of passion and vitality, being retrograde in your sign since October of last year. Luckily, Mars will move direct on January 12, sending you into a forward-moving period of expansion, passion, and growth. As you look forward to the future and all the opportunity at your fingertips, try playing with some futuristic looks using Chanel’s multi-use highlighting balm to create a new look for the new you.


Shop now: $45;


It’s time to turn your dreams into a reality, Cancer. Your career and public image are going to be the focus of the year, particularly around April 20, when the solar eclipse adds a boost of energy and luck to your career. This is a major turning point for you and it pays off to dream bigger than you ever imagined before. You’ll want to embrace a dramatic look that commands attention and fuels your confidence as you tackle the world head on — make a statement with Charlotte Tilbury’s Pillow Talk Push Up Mascara in the viral berry-brown Dream Pop shade.


Shop now: $29;


You’re known for your warmth and generosity, Leo, but when was the last time you focused that energy on yourself? If you’ve felt like you’ve been burning the candle at both ends, 2023 is going to be the year you reclaim your time and energy for yourself. You’ll get the chance to do just that this year when Venus retrograde kicks off on July 22 and pushes you to embrace your natural beauty. This is a good time to strip it all down to the basics — à la Too Faced’s airy Blurring Blush and a touch of Rare Beauty’s pearly highlighter — and get back in touch with the things and people that really fuel your fire.


Shop now: $29; 


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Adventure is on the horizon in more ways than one for you this year, Virgo. You can expect things to really pick up in the spring around May 16, when Jupiter’s expansive and optimistic energy will encourage you to travel and seek out new experiences. You’ll be stepping into a new era of your life in 2023, so you’ll want to invest in natural beauty and skincare products this year. Bonus points if you find some travel-friendly products that enhance your natural look and can be applied on the go; we think Fenty Beauty’s coveted lip oil and Kosas’ nourishing, fluffy brow gel will do the trick.


Shop now: $24;


Shop now: $24;


The future looks bright for you this year, Libra! Sweeping changes will shake things up for you when the eclipses shake up your relationships this year. You’re redefining what matters most to you and thinking about where your future might take you next. Self-love is the vibe for you this year, especially around April 20, when the eclipse in Aries pushes you to think beyond your current situation. Embrace your new persona with eye-catching chromatics by incorporating Danessa Myricks’ creamy eye, cheek, and lip pigment in your makeup looks this year. 

Danessa Myricks

Shop now: $18;


Your beauty horoscope is set to help you manifest a successful year, Scorpio. After navigating all the cosmic chaos that the eclipses have thrown at you, there will be a major breakthrough moment for you during the lunar eclipse in your sign on May 5. You’ve spent too much time trying to fit the mold for everyone else, and the cosmic energy of this year is giving you permission to let go of your insecurities while taking the next step toward your future. There’s nothing for you to fix or change about yourself — it’s time to embrace the true essence of what makes you unique. Step into your latest era with Tula’s illuminating primer and a lash-conditioning mascara from Well People.


Shop now: $60;


Shop now: $20; 


Things are heating up for you this year, Sagittarius. You’ll be feeling an extra spark of inspiration and optimism this year, as your planetary ruler Jupiter will be moving through your romance and self-expression zone until May 16. During this time it’ll be easier for you to express your desires, both emotionally and physically, and other people won’t be able to help but find your energy alluring. Take advantage of this cosmic boost and try mixing some expressive and vibrant colors from Tarte’s fierce Maneater After Dark palette into your existing makeup routine, along with a bold Pat McGrath lip


Shop now: $52;


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It’s time to let loose, Capricorn. You have a reputation for being the serious type, but the astrology of this year is encouraging you to let your hair down and get a little bit wild with your look. Jupiter, the planet of expression and experimentation, moves through your zone of romance and playfulness starting on May 16, where it will stay for the next year. This is a perfect time to tap into your creative and playful side by trying something carefree and fun with your beauty routine, like swapping your usual perfume with Tom Ford’s latest zingy, Morello cherry-inspired scent.


Shop now: $240;


Get ready to breathe a sigh of relief, Aquarius. Things have been a little chaotic for you the last few years, and 2023 is lighting the way forward for you. The lunar eclipse on October 28 of this year will force you out of the shadows and into the limelight this year, as you embrace some much-deserved recognition for all your hard work. In fact, the astrology of this year is encouraging you to leave the past behind and step into an upgraded, elevated version of your usual self — show off your sparkle with a luminosity-enhancing face cream from celebrity makeup artist Monika Blunder, and a few swipes of Bobbi Brown’s shimmery highlighter.


Shop now: $95;


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You’re not normally one to stand in the spotlight, but all that will change this year as you have your “It girl” moment. Saturn will begin its two year trip through your sign starting on March 7, and you’ll feel an almost immediate push to start your self-care journey and build on your self-confidence. This astrological event is setting the stage for some major breakthroughs and revelations for you this year. It’s time to get back in touch with yourself and embrace your effortless beauty and energy; the Jones Road Miracle Balm is just the no makeup-makeup product you need for a refreshed and recharged look.

Jones Road

Shop now: $38;

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