43 Cheap Beauty Products That’ll Save You From Having To Buy Expensive Stuff

Robert Hundley

Back in the ‘90s, a $5 makeup pallet might’ve been a bit lackluster. Nowadays, it’s different. There are tons of cheap beauty products that work just as well as the more expensive brands, and many of them are right here on this list. Whether you’re looking for an affordable array of eyeshadows or a voluminous, long-lasting mascara, you won’t be disappointed (and your wallet won’t be, either).

I know what you’re thinking: “Cheap stuff can’t work that well, otherwise it wouldn’t be so cheap!” And while I’d normally be inclined to agree, the liquid illuminator in this roundup proves otherwise. Not only is it available for less than $8, but it also gives your face a radiant-looking glow. Or, if your skin is already glowing, you could even use it as a base for your foundation. I’ve also made sure to include makeup brushes made with high-quality bristles, brightening skin serums made with vitamin C, and even a few ultra-pigmented lipsticks that won’t break the bank.

You don’t have to buy expensive makeup to look good — and these cheap beauty products are proof. Keep scrolling for more.

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The Facial Serum That Helps Give Your Complexion A Dewy Glow

Even if your complexion is already glowing, this serum is still a total game-changer. It’s loaded with bee propolis and hyaluronic acid, both of which are great for leaving skin feeling plump and hydrated. Plus, it’s even suitable for sensitive skin.


A Volcanic Water-Infused Moisturizer That’s Full Of Hyaluronic Acid

Not only is hyaluronic acid great for locking moisture into skin, but this serum in particular is also fortified with mineral-rich volcano water. The formula is also free from any oils, alcohols, fragrances, or parabens — and reviewers raved about how it “absorbs quickly.”


This Leave-In Conditioner Made With Aloe Vera

Shea butter and aloe vera are only a few of the luxurious ingredients you’ll find listed on this leave-in conditioner. The best part? It’s also completely vegan, as well as free from any silicones that can weigh your curls down.


The Hair Color Capsules That Help Extend The Time Between Salon Visits

If you want to get your hair done but just don’t have the time right now, you can use this dye kit to touch up any spots until you’re able to snag an appointment at the salon. It contains capsules filled with hair tint so you can use the exact amount you need without opening a bottle of product, and it comes in four tones.


These Makeup Brushes With Thousands Of Positive Reviews

With more than 70,000 positive four- and five-star ratings, it’s clear that these makeup brushes are worth their weight in gold. The bristles are made from silky synthetic fibers that glide across skin — and one reviewer even wrote, “I would definitely say these are comparable to high end brushes.”


A Serum That Locks In Moisture While You Style Your Hair

You can rub this smoothing treatment between your palms, and then run them through your hair before using any heated styling tools. It’s formulated with a specialized keratix compound that releases proteins over time, helping to lock in moisture while keeping humidity out. The result? An ultra-smooth mane that lasts for up to five days.


The Powerful Acne Gel With Over 31,000 Five-Star Ratings

According to the manufacturer, this gel treatment helps reduce unwanted blemishes by up to 87{5c5ba01e4f28b4dd64874166358f62106ea5bcda869a94e59d702fa1c9707720} after just 12 weeks — and it’s even made with powerful adapalene for any extra-stubborn acne that you’re trying to clear. The water-based formula is also non-comedogenic, fragrance-free, as well as oil-free.


This Shadow Palette With 16 Super-Pigmented Colors

Whether you’re getting ready for work or a night out with friends, this shadow palette comes with colors to suit every occasion. Each palette features 16 shades — some matte, some metallic — and NYX is even certified by PETA as a cruelty-free brand.


The Voluminous Mascara That Shouldn’t Flake Away

Few things bum me out more than discovering my mascara has started flaking after just a few hours. Luckily, this tube from L’Oreal Paris is smudge-resistant, won’t clump, nor will it flake — and it even comes in 10 different shades.


A Peeling Gel That’s Rich In Brightening Vitamins

When exfoliating with a scrubber is too much for your sensitive skin, try using this peeling gel instead. The included vitamins C and E help brighten your complexion, all while honey and hollyhock work to leave it feeling hydrated.


This Plant-Based Body Cream That Leaves Skin Feeling So Smooth

Dry skin is no match for this indulgent body cream, as the plant-based formula is rich in rosemary, chamomile, and pansy extracts, as well as sunflower and sweet almond oils. Plus, each bottle is free from any synthetic fragrances or preservatives.


This Hydrating Burt’s Bees Facial Oil Made With Rosehip Oil

It only takes a few drops, and this facial oil can leave your complexion glowing and hydrated. There are zero parabens or phthalates in the formula — just nourishing fatty acids and antioxidants that come from the concentrated rosehip-jojoba oil blend.


The Liquid Illuminator That Leaves Skin Looking Radiant

Whether you use this liquid illuminator as a foundation base or a cheekbone highlighter is up to you — but either way, reviewers adored how it left them with a dewy look. A little goes a long way, and the formula is 100{5c5ba01e4f28b4dd64874166358f62106ea5bcda869a94e59d702fa1c9707720} cruelty-free.


A Hair Brush Made With Boar Bristles

The boar bristles in this hair brush help move scalp oil down your hair strands, which can reduce breakage and unwanted frizz when compared to regular brushes. It’s suitable for all types of hair, and each order even comes with a wide-toothed comb.


These Makeup Blenders That Work Wet Or Dry

Made without any latex, these makeup blenders are absolute must-haves in any makeup collection. You can use them wet or dry in order to achieve different looks — and they easily rinse clean under running water with minimal soap necessary.


A Vitamin C Serum That Helps Brighten Skin

Not only does this brightening serum contain tons of vitamin C, but it also has added licorice root extract that helps further boost your skin’s luminosity. Tri-peptides help provide a nourishing dose of hydration — and many reviewers were able to see results after just two weeks.


This Rosewater Toner That’s Seriously Moisturizing

Using this rosewater toner after you’ve cleansed your face is an easy way to help shrink the appearance of pores — and it’s even free from any drying alcohol. Instead, the formula contains hydrating hyaluronic acid, antioxidant-rich damask rose oil, as well as aloe.


The Castor Oil That Can Help Lashes Grow Thick

With its convenient brush applicator wand, this organic castor oil is almost too easy to spread over your lashes and lids. Results are generally visible after four weeks, with the full effect visible after about 12 weeks. “This stuff amped up my lash routine by 100,” wrote one reviewer. “My lashes are so long that I barely need mascara.”


This Hydrating Facial Cleanser That’s Non-Comedogenic

Ever notice how facial cleansers can leave your skin feeling dry? That’s why this bottle of CeraVe is made with moisturizing essential ceramides 1, 3, and 6-II. They can help lock moisture into skin for up to a full day — and the formula is also non-comedogenic.


A Lip Gloss Made With Agave & Moringa Oil

Sugar violet, sky pink, solar coral — this lip gloss comes in so many gorgeous shades you’ll want to grab more than a few of them. And unlike some glosses, this one also contains moisturizing cupuacu butter, agave oil, and moringa oil to help keep chapped lips at bay.


The Fake, Magnetic Eyelashes That Don’t Need Messy Glue

Trying to get fake lashes to stick to your lids using glue can be tricky — that’s why these ones rely on tiny magnets to stay put. Simply draw on your lids using the magnetic eyeliner, and the magnets in the lash band will instantly stick without any glue needed.


A Bag Of Epsom Salt Infused With Moisturizing Shea Butter

Not only can this epsom salt help soak away aching muscles after a stressful day, but it’s also been fortified with 100{5c5ba01e4f28b4dd64874166358f62106ea5bcda869a94e59d702fa1c9707720} premium moisturizing shea butter. Coconut and lime extract give it an invigorating scent, and it’s also available with a tropical mango fragrance.


This Sunblock That’s Water- & Sweat-Resistant

Don’t worry about this sunblock wearing thin while you’re outside — the long-lasting formula is water- and sweat-resistant, as the advanced polymers help it cling to skin. One reviewer even wrote, “It feels like a fancy moisturizer that costs way more and also has a slight scent (not sunscreeny at all… it’s almost like a light clean perfume).”


A Palette With Colors For Contouring Your Makeup

Not sure what shades you’ll need to contour your complexion? Just grab one of these preset palettes. They come in two skin tones: medium to dark, or light to medium. The creamy textures melt into your complexion — and many reviewers wrote about how they’re “easy to apply.”


The Toner That Can Help Exfoliate Away Dead Skin Cells

Unlike some toners, this one contains .1{5c5ba01e4f28b4dd64874166358f62106ea5bcda869a94e59d702fa1c9707720} AHA and BHA acids in order to help exfoliate away dead skin cells. Willow bar and apple fruit water make it gentle enough for daily use on various types of skin — and you can even use it standalone as a lightly hydrating face mask.


A Creamy Eyeshadow With A Built-In Applicator Brush

Doing your makeup on the go? Not a problem when you’ve got this creamy eye shadow at your side. The silky formula melts into your lids — and there’s even a handy applicator brush built into the lid for convenience. It’s also available in various shimmery shades.


This Curling Iron With A Sleek Ceramic Barrel

With its sleek ceramic barrel, this curling iron delivers smooth curls that have minimal frizz — even if you don’t use any heat protectant. The temperature is adjustable up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit, and each order also comes with a bonus carrying pouch.


A Bottle Of Skin Oil That’s Rich In Antioxidants

Not only is this oil suitable for sensitive skin, but it’s also loaded with antioxidant-rich vitamin E, as well as a soothing blend of five essential oils. You can use it all over your body — and many reviewers noted how a little goes a long way.


The Gadget That Painlessly Removes Unwanted Hair

This little gadget can help trim unwanted facial hair completely painlessly. It’s the ideal size for peach fuzz that you’re trying to remove, and the trimming blades are also hypoallergenic. Plus, the compact size means you can easily take it with you for touchups as needed.


A Shimmery Bronzer That’s Infused With Vitamins

Give your cheeks a light dusting with this bronzer for a summery glow, or build up a few layers for a more dramatic look. The best part? It’s even been fortified with vitamins and antioxidants to help your skin looks radiant — even after you’ve washed it off.

  • Available shades: Medium to Dark, Light to Medium


This Avocado Oil-Infused Concealer That Lasts For Up To 16 Hours

This full-coverage concealer is a must-have for active days where you know you won’t be able to make any touch-ups. The ultra-pigmented formula lasts for up to 16 hours, and it even contains avocado oil to help keep your skin hydrated.


These Cotton Rounds You Can Wash & Reuse

I finally took the plunge and bought these reusable cotton rounds. In my opinion? They’re so worth the money that I bought a second set. Each order comes with a drawstring laundry bag so that it’s easy to wash them, and they’re even made from soft, organic bamboo fibers.


A Fragrance-Free Face Cream Made With Hyaluronic Acid

Some face creams can have a slick, oily feeling to them, but that isn’t the case with this one from e.l.f. The creamy formula melts into skin without leaving you feeling greasy — and it’s even fortified with hyaluronic acid, niacinamide, and hydrating peptides.


The Lip Balm You Can Also Use On Your Cheeks

Not only does this lip balm help keep your pout from chapping, but it also has a subtle pigment to it that gives your lips a pop of color. Plus, you can even use it as liquid blush on your cheeks — it’s that versatile. It’s available in five different colors.


This Lip Crayon With A Built-In Sharpener

This lip crayon has a sharpener built into the lid to make it easier to apply color. With a precise tip, you can easily outline your lips, color them in, or even draw little highlights along your cupid’s bow. Choose from more than 30 colors.


These Bars Of Soap Made With Activated Charcoal

Made with activated charcoal, these bars of soap reach deep into clogged pores to help detoxify your skin — and each one is even triple-milled for an ultra-smooth texture. Plus, the added peppermint oil gives them a refreshing scent.


A Bottle Of Coconut Oil You Can Use From Head To Toe

Whether your skin or hair is feeling dry, this bottle of coconut oil can help. It’s loaded with antioxidants and fatty acids that help moisturize your body from head to toe. Or, you can also use it as a luxurious massage oil when you’re feeling sore.


This Bold Matte Lipstick That’s Available In Over 20 Colors

With more than 20 shades to choose from, you’re bound to find this lipstick in more than a few that’ll suit your style. Each one is highly pigmented, giving your lips full coverage with just a single swipe — and many reviewers raved about how much they “love the color.”


A Baked Blush That Comes In More Than 15 Shades

With 12 shades to choose from, it shouldn’t be too hard to find this baked blush in a color that suits your skin tone. You can grab shimmery colors for a night out with friends, or stick to matte shades for casual everyday wear — and each one is also cruelty-free.


This Matte Makeup Primer That Lasts Up To 8 Hours

If you’re looking for more of a matte makeup look, try using this primer before you put even a drop of foundation on your skin. The ultra-lightweight formula helps control unwanted shine for up to eight hours, and won’t leave your skin feeling greasy.


The Peel Pads That Cleans Deep Into Pores

You can give your face a good rub with these peeling pads, and they’ll help cleanse pores while simultaneously exfoliating away dead skin. The AHA and BHA acids can help brighten your complexion — and they’re gentle enough to use on an everyday basis.


This Foundation With Sunscreen Built Into It

With SPF-50 protection built into the formula, this lightweight foundation is perfect for sunny days outside. It’s fortified with vitamin B3 for hydration — and you even have the choice of more than 25 shades when matching to your skin tone.

  • Available shades: 29 (Espresso — Ivory)


A Kit That Comes With Everything You Need To Start Waxing

Not only does this kit come with pre- and post-waxing spray to help soothe your skin, but you also get an electric heater that can keep your wax warm until you’re ready to apply it. One reviewer even wrote that “the wax melts well and the warmer keeps the wax at a temperature that you desire.”

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