30 New Beauty Items Our Editors Were Really (Really) Into This Month

Robert Hundley

By now, you’ve probably surmised that we test-drive a lot of beauty products here at Who What Wear HQ. From nail polish and makeup to hair and skincare, we’re eyebrow deep in all things new, exciting, and wish list–worthy. That said, due to the number of products we come in contact with, we’ve also transformed into the nitpickiest of beauty consumers. Within seconds, we can tell if a new hair oil is too heavy, and we’re quick to ignore a serum that yields disappointing results.

The good news? We’re far more often impressed than unimpressed after trying out a new product, and usually, we simply can’t wait to spread the word to all of our fellow beauty lovers (also known as you!). Therefore, we’ve decided gushing over our latest fave products should become a monthly ritual, and every 30 days or so, you can expect a full report detailing the highlighters, hair wands, and overnight skincare saviors we’ve become quickly obsessed with.

For the most part, we’ll be covering buzzworthy launches (as those typically take up most of the action atop our product-filled desks), but we won’t dismiss new-to-us products, either. Sometimes, our best discoveries are found on a friend’s vanity or on someone’s face at the bar (true story). Ahead are the best beauty products we tried in October! Grab your game face and wallet—you’ll be needing both.

Erin Jahns, Senior Beauty Editor

Makeup By Mario Ultra Suede Sculpting Lip Pencil in Lauren ($22)

I’m not a huge lip liner person (Charlotte Tilbury’s iconic pencil is the only one I’ve ever felt I need in life), but that’s all changed now thanks to Mario Dedivanovic’s most recent lip launch. The color range is stunning, and I love that there’s a brush on the other end which really makes your application look 100{5c5ba01e4f28b4dd64874166358f62106ea5bcda869a94e59d702fa1c9707720} natural—especially if you’re like me and you like to overline a little to create the illusion of a fuller, more lifted pout. It’s a full-coverage matte formula and it even has a special lip-lock technology to help extend the wear of your lipstick. (I highly recommend pairing it with Mario’s new Ultra Suede Lipsticks—the shade Annie is my fave!)

Almay All-Day Intense Gel Eyeliner ($4)

One of the best parts about my job is having the opportunity to chat with celebrities about all of their favorite beauty products and rituals. (I don’t know about you, but I’m always dying to be a fly on the wall!) And when said products and rituals are, well, actually affordable?! The dream. Suffice to say when Lucy Hale recently told me this $4 eyeliner from Almay is one of her most beloved items from the brand, I had to try it.

I almost always gravitate towards liquid liners, but for some reason lately, I’ve been loving the softer results of a gel formula. This one from Almay is perfect—the velvety smooth texture delivers great pigment so you can literally sweep it across your lid in just one go and have a satisfying payoff. And while it smudges enough to let you play with your shape, it won’t keep moving once you’ve headed out the door. The brown shade called Deep Chestnut is divine.

Lime Crime Unicorn Hair Color Therapy Revitalizing Hair Oil ($22)

A cardinal rule of having blonde hair that’s not discussed nearly enough? Only ever use clear oils on your strands. Whether you chemically lighten your hair or its natural, blonde hair easily grabs on to color so if you’re using a gold- or rich-colored hair oil, it will start to stain your strands over time. I have a few clear options I keep in my bathroom but this new one from Lime Crime is my new standby. It utilizes strategic ingredients like meadowfoam seed oil, prickly pear oil, and goji berry extract to keep your color vibrant and pure while simultaneously topping up thirsty strands with lots of shine-inducing moisture.

Boy Smells Copal Fantôme ($39)

I love candles all year round, but my complete obsession with Boy Smells really ramps up this time of year. And while this is a pretty bold statement for me, I think Copal Fantôme (one of three candles making up the brand’s fall Fantôme edit) is maybe my favorite ever. It features a warm, enchanted forest-esque mix of Mexican copal haunt cedarwood, patchouli, leather accord, whole vanilla bean (and more!) to reach incense level richness. It’s the ultimate candle to light this season, and I wish I had 20 of them.

Shawna Hudson, Associate Beauty Editor

Saint Jane Beauty Hydrating Petal Cream – 1{5c5ba01e4f28b4dd64874166358f62106ea5bcda869a94e59d702fa1c9707720} Pure Hyaluronic Acid Moisturizer ($68)

“I’m not kidding what I say my face feels baby soft after I use this cream. It’s been a life saver the past few weeks as the weather has become a bit colder and dry. I like to mix a little of it with my moisturizer for an added moisture boost and it smells deliciously floral. It also contains CBD so it calms down any redness and irritation from any breakouts I may have had.”

Youth to the People Mandelic Acid + Superfood Unity Exfoliant ($38)

“You know I love almost everything Youth to the People comes out with, and this toner is no different. It’s super gentle with both AHAs and BHAs that literally leaves my skin glowing. It even helped calm a few not-so-nice looking pimples that popped up a little while ago.”

Drunk Elephant T.L.C. Sukari Babyfacial AHA + BHA Mask ($80)

“This is by no means a new product, but for some reason, I’m just getting around to trying this super buzzy mask, and it did not disappoint. It’s quite literally a facial in a bottle. I used it a few weeks after getting a professional facial (shout-out to my facialist Jacqueline Lozano—you’re amazing) and my skin looked almost as next-level, which is hard to do considering how good my facialist is.”

Katie Berohn, Associate Beauty Editor

Yves Saint Laurent The Slim Velvet Radical Matte Lipstick in Rose Incitement ($39)

“I normally steer away from pink lipstick, but something about this shade is so flattering that I keep wearing it. This lipstick is long-wearing but doesn’t make your lips feel dry like so many lipsticks do. It actually feels like I’m wearing a balm rather than a lipstick, thanks to nourishing jojoba oil. The square applicator also makes it super easy to apply.”

Violette_FR Yeux Paint Liquid Eyeshadow + Liner in Ciel de Nuit ($28)

“I have been impressed by every shade of Yeux Paint that I’ve tried, but I’ve been loving this new addition. It’s a matte midnight blue that almost looks black in certain lighting. I find that it really makes my eyes pop and the applicator is so easy to control—you can use it to create a softer, more muted eye shadow look or a sharper wing.”

Byredo Super Cedar Eau de Parfum ($270)

“This is by no means a new fragrance, but I recently started wearing it after testing it for a piece I wrote on cedar fragrances. I love pure cedar fragrances because they kind of make you smell like you’re not wearing anything, and you just naturally smell good. This fragrance really does just that, and I’ve been spritzing it on for a midday pick-me-up as I work from home.”

Kristen Nichols, Senior Fashion Editor

Facile Dew You Hyaluronic Acid Serum ($32)

“The last time I went in for a facial, I found out that my hydration levels were low, which is no surprise because I had been dealing with some persistent dry patches. After I left, I increased my daily water intake but also added Facile’s Dew You hyaluronic acid serum into my routine and my skin has completely transformed after using it for the last month. The silky serum feels like a drink of water for your face, and I’m now addicted to the soothing, hydrating formula.”

Allyson Payer, Senior Fashion Editor

Alastin Skincare Ultra Light Moisturizer ($72)

“I found the perfect moisturizer and you’re definitely going to want to thank me later. This new launch from cult-favorite skincare brand Alastin gives me all the hydration I need (and I have dry skin) without feeling heavy in the least. It’s great under makeup and at night when you want to keep things simple. I’ve also layered it over retinol products, which I highly recommend. Just like the rest of Alastin’s product line, it supports the production of new elastin and collagen, which is music to my 37-year-old ears.”

NuFace Firming + Radiant Super Peptide Booster Serum ($65)

“I love using NuFace devices and am always down for anything that’ll make them even more effective. Well, they know what the people want, as they just launched two new booster products that you can apply to your face (and neck) before using one of its microcurrent devices. My favorite is the Super Peptide Booster which improves skin’s firmness and elasticity while hydrating. I found there to be a noticeable difference after using it. My skin looked plumper and glowier.”

Tom Ford Lip Color Matte Lipstick in Pussycat ($49)

“I’m a longtime fan of Tom Ford’s lipsticks and recently heard that the shade Pussycat is amazing. I’m here to confirm the rumors. It’s the prettiest mauve color that would work for day and night any season (but especially fall and winter, IMO). It’s matte without being drying and you can even buff it out a little with your finger to get that cool blurry look. Also, I don’t know long this will be the case, but it’s currently on sale at Nordstrom.”

Drew Elovitz, Director of Content Strategy and Senior Managing Editor

Glow Recipe Avocado Melt Retinol Eye Sleeping Mask ($42)

“I recently moved to a new apartment and had the opportunity (read: packing requirement) to edit down my collection of beauty products. Of course, my longtime favorites like Glow Recipe’s Watermelon Toner and Supergoop! Sunscreen made the list, but there were a few recent additions to my vanity that I simply could not part with. Another Glow Recipe product, Avocado Melt Retinol Eye Sleeping Mask, has become part of my nightly routine. Just a few dabs with my ring finger on the under-eye area leaves me properly hydrated, and waking up a bit more bright-eyed if not bushy-tailed.”

Foreo Luna 3 Normal Skin Facial Cleansing & Firming Massage Device ($169)

“If, like me, you swore off face cleaning apparatuses when Clairsonic was discontinued, then get excited: the Foreo Luna 3 is here to provide that super-clean feeling once again. The fact that this device is made of silicon and includes different massage settings (and an instructive app) seems like a no-brainer today but is also totally game-changing when it comes to the overall texture of my skin.”

Kinship Naked Papaya Gentle Enzyme Face Cleanser ($22)

“I have also been enjoying Kinship’s Naked Papaya Gentle Enzyme Cleanser. I’ve scaled back on my physical exfoliation (aside from weekly sessions with the Foreo Luna 3), so adding this cleanser into the mix has helped prevent buildup while also providing much-needed hydration.”

Glow Recipe Plum Plump Hyaluronic Acid Serum ($60)

I’ll admit it: Glow Recipe has seriously changed my skin for the better this year (even my facialist has noticed). At my last appointment, she said the only thing missing from my effective-yet-simple regimen was an extra boost of hydration, so I’ve been laying this hyaluronic serum on before my moisturizer. Another obvious fix, but wow, it has made such a difference! Plus, all the colorful bottles look cute in my new bathroom, right?”

Kat Collings, Editor in Chief

Osea Malibu Anti-Aging Sea Serum ($88)

“Osea is on my list of all-time greatest beauty brands, so when they launch a new product, you best believe I take note. Their latest is called the Anti-Aging Sea Serum, and I’m already seeing benefits like brighter skin after a week of use. If you take a peek at the ingredient list, it’s easy to see why this powerhouse formula is able to work small miracles. They have a stable form of vitamin C, niacinamide, natural peptides, and ceramides—basically everything you need for smoother and more radiant skin.”

Woods_ Copenhagen Daily Hydra Cream ($57)

“This cream is the bomb. It’s not too heavy, which makes it perfect for everyday use. Since it’s so lightweight, it makes a great base before putting on makeup, and the hyaluronic acid helps with extra moisturization. I’m also a big fan of the natural scent. I feel like this cream is my new Scandinavian secret!”

Nicole Akhtarzad Eshaghpour, Senior Market Editor

Merit Brush No.1 Blending Brush ($30)

“I was never a big blush person, but every since I started using this Ilia Multi-Stick (with my Merit brush), I’ve been hooked. I no longer feel ready without a swipe on both cheeks and I’m just obsessed with the subtle color.”

Ilia Multi-Stick Cheek & Lip ($34)

Caitie Schlisserman, Beauty Director, Branded Content

Youth to the People Adaptogen Soothe + Hydrate Activated Mist With Peptides ($42)

“I love a good face mist, and this one has quickly become a go-to. It’s formulated with lots of good ingredients like ashwagandha, peptides, and reishi—all of which help calm, brighten, and hydrate my skin. It’s the perfect little afternoon pick-me-up.”

Dazzle Dry Mini Kit 4 Step System ($35)

“I’m seriously impressed by Dazzle Dry and this is coming from a gel nail maniac. Not only are the nail products formulated with safer ingredients, but the polish goes on like regular nail polish, dries basically instantly, and lasts just as long as gel. I was skeptical at first too, but I’m loving it. I also appreciate how easy it is to do yourself at home. In a nutshell, this is what you do: Prep your nails, add the base coat to a bowl of warm water (it needs to be crystal-clear before using it), apply the nail strengthener, and then two coats of the base coat. Wait for each to dry before applying the next two coats of color, again, waiting for each to dry before applying the next. Then top it off with your topcoat. Let it dry for 5 minutes, and voilà!”

Meaningful Beauty Revive & Brighten Eye Mask ($52)

“These cooling eye gels are the perfect thing to throw on while working or doing chores. They’re infused with anti-aging ingredients that help plump, soothe, and hydrate the eye area and always leave mine looking rejuvenated.”

Ohii Silicone Lip Scrubber ($8)

“My lips are always dry, and this has helped them tremendously. All you do is put your finger in the little slip and massage your lips. It helps exfoliate and makes any lip product look better upon application.”

Dior Dior Addict Stellar Lip Gloss in 553 Princess ($30)

“I’d consider myself a lip-gloss snob. It has to make my lips look plump, be the right texture, have the right amount of color, and just a hint of shine, and this checks off all the boxes. It has quite a bit of shimmer in it, but I’m so obsessed with the pink color that it somehow doesn’t bother me.”

Gisou Honey Infused Face Oil ($60)

“This is Gisou’s first skincare product, and it doesn’t disappoint. It’s an antioxidant-rich concentrate formulated to nourish the skin using mirsalehi honey, other natural actives, and freshly cold-pressed oils. Honey and safflower oil moisturize the skin, evening primrose and rosehip seed oils reduce the appearance of fine lines and even skin tone. It’s the perfect recipe for a glowing complexion.”

Iconic London Glaze Dual Ended Eyeshadow Crayon ($30)

“The easiest way to describe this? It’s a 2-in-1 magical makeup wand that’s a crayon on one end and a glitter glaze on the other. The colors are spot on, they’re shimmery, and easy to use. That’s all I can really ask for.”

Chantecaille Gold Recovery Face Mask ($275)

“This mask is luxury with a capital L. It’s infused with 24k gold, silk extract with antioxidant properties, a probiotic, and a combination of peptides that help firm and tone skin while adding a nice glow. It has a whipped-like texture and feels like pure heaven when it’s on my skin. Slather some on before bed and wake up to an incredibly soft and glowy complexion.”

Up next, see which beauty products we couldn’t get enough of last month.

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