Of The Cheap Beauty Products Most Added To Amazon Wish Lists, These 40 Work The Best

Robert Hundley

A growing category of my Amazon wish list these days is beauty and self-care-type products. There are a plethora of things on there that I may or may not actually buy, but that I want to seriously consider at some point in the near-ish future. I mean, what good would a wish list be if it wasn’t at least a little bit aspirational?

While purchasing makeup online isn’t quite as intuitive as IRL (how accurate is the color in the photo I’m seeing? Will my skin like the ingredients? What’s the texture like?), browsing Amazon for beauty supplies offers some benefits that in-person shopping doesn’t, like thousands upon thousands of reviews and ratings, best-seller lists, plus the ability to compare multiple items in just seconds. It’s nice to be feel informed, right? And, did you know that you can also browse the items most often wished for? That gives us a whole new world of beauty products to consider.

Luckily, I’ve taken a deep dive into everyone’s favorite category: inexpensive products that actually give real results. So, without further ado, allow me to present some of the best-working cheap beauty products most often added to Amazon wish lists.


This 2-Piece Face Massager Set To Use With Your Favorite Serums

If you’re looking for a way to add a bit of luxury to your skincare routine, then this gold-colored 2-in-1 electric face massager set might strike your fancy. A round y-shaped tool and a t-shaped tool are both included, which can be used to apply serums, promote absorption, and relax your facial muscles.


An Electric Foot File For Pedicure-Soft Feet In The Comfort Of Your Home

This fan-favorite electric file tool comes with two roller heads (fine and coarse) so you can polish and smooth your feet to your heart’s content. It’s cordless and charged by USB, plus there’s an LED light at the head of the tool to give you an easy view of toes and feet while it’s in use.


A Magnetic Eyelash Set That Gives You Long & Luscious Lashes

Curious about false lashes and not sure where to start? Or, already an expert who knows and loves magnetic lashes? This set gives you five different pairs that have varying lengths and thicknesses, along with magnetic eyeliner and tweezers for application. Plus, they’re waterproof and easy to remove at the end of the day, too.


These Beauty Spatulas That’ll Help You Get To Every Last Drop Of Your Products

These beauty spatulas are for you if you’ve ever stored our products upside down to get to the final few drops. Made with BPA-free silicone, they’re just long enough and slim enough to reach into the smallest bottles and jars, and to scoop out the product you can’t bear to waste. They come in different color pairings, and in sets of two or four.


An Ear & Nose Hair Trimmer For All Your Personal Grooming Needs

Sure, it may feel a bit awkward to consider an ear and nose hair trimmer for yourself or a loved one, but it can potentially save you from ever more awkwardness down the road. This one is a best-seller for its ease of use and efficiency, plus it’s compact and battery-operated, so you don’t have to mess with cords. It’s also waterproof and very easy to clean.


A Facial Steamer For Luxe At-Home Face Steaming & Spa-Inspired Treatments

Not only does facial steamer open and unclog pores, but it’s relaxing and rejuvenating, too. It works in just eight to 10 minutes and can be used on its own or with a favorite essential oil added. All kinds of skin types can enjoy the benefits. As an added bonus, it also comes with a blackhead extractor kit.


A Teeth Whitening Kit That Promises A Bright Smile For A Fraction Of Dentist Costs

This teeth whitening kit uses LED lights and gel trays to whiten teeth in just a few 10-minute sessions, from the comfort of your home. It comes with the light, trays, gel, and tray storage case, plus bonus trays to give friends or family the chance to try it, too.


This LED Nail Lamp For At-Home Gel Manicures That Rival The Pros

The longevity and durability of gel manicures make them a desirable option, and this LED nail lamp gives you the chance to experiment with them right at home. It works with most gel nail polish brands and has a range of time settings that are visible in a clear countdown display on top of the machine.


An Electric Brush Cleaning Kit That Washes & Dries Brushes in Seconds

This makeup brush cleaner set takes the mundane chore of brush cleaning and trims it down to just a few seconds per brush. The spinner tool whirls brushes in the soapy solution, and then spins them for air drying. Eight different rubber grip collars are included, so most makeup brushes can fit the machine. Who thought brush cleaning could actually be kind of fun?


An At-Home Microdermabrasion System That Tackles A Variety Of Skin Issues

This microdermabrasion starter kit comes with everything you need for ultimate exfoliation, including a massaging applicator and 12 single-use puffs for a month of usage. The system promises visible results after just one use, as well as long-term benefits. And no worries, if you want to use it for longer than a month, extra puffs can be purchased, too.


A Set Of Sponges & Contour Brush For All Your Makeup Application Needs

Buyers rave about how these makeup sponges compare, and in some cases, even perform better than name-brand sponges. Each set comes with three blending sponges in three unique shapes, plus a contour brush. The sponges can be used dry or wet, and all four pieces can be washed and reused.


A Glass File & Case For Easy Nail Fixes

Great for home manicures or on-the-go fixes, this durable and long-lasting glass nail file comes with a protective case so you can trust it to stay in perfect condition. The vibrant color makes it easy to spot in a makeup case or purse, and you can even wash it between uses.


These Facial Sponges That Expand With Water For Effective Cleaning & Exfoliating

These compressed cellulose sponges are slim and compact, making them easy to store at home or pop into a bag or pouch for travel. Once wet, they expand into a soft and exfoliating sponge that’s great for cleansing. Each sponge can be air-dried between uses, and can last for one to two weeks.


This Cuticle Oil With Milk & Honey Added For Soft, Smooth Hands

This milk and honey cuticle oil comes in an elegant round bottle with a dropper, so not only will it feel smooth and luxurious on your hands, but it’s delightful to use, too. It moisturizes both nails and skin, and if the milk and honey ingredients aren’t for you, there’s a variety of other scents (and bottle sizes) to try out.


This Textured Sponge So You Can Switch Between Eyeshadows Quickly & Easily

Finally, there’s a solution to the age-old struggle of multiple eyeshadow colors mixing on a brush (and not in the blendable way you want them to). All you do is swipe your brush on this color removal sponge, and your favorite brush will be like new again. The sponge is two-sided, washable, and comes in a metal tin that easily fits in your makeup bag.


A Set Of Disposable Wands & Brushes That Comes With A Palette For Mixing

Whether you’re early in your makeup journey or a seasoned pro, this 250-piece set of disposable wands, applicators, brushes, and more, is perfect for mixing and applying all kinds of makeup. The handheld pallet and included spatula make it easy to swatch and stir products before applying them, too. This is the type of set you’ll thank yourself for buying.


A Magnetic Holder For Bobby Pins & More

If you have loose bobby pins floating around your home (not that I’m speaking from experience or anything), then this magnetic bobby pin holder could be a game-changer. It’s available in teal or pink, and the durable, strong magnet holds dozens of bobby pins along with hair clips, too. If you’re traveling for a wedding or an event, you’ll be happy you brought this along. Stuck at the office? It also works with safety pins or paper clips, so it might be a perfect addition to your desk.


A Reusable Silicone Ice Roller For Soothing & Depuffing Skin

This silicone ice roller can be easily filled with water and your desired ingredients (like cucumber or lemon) for a refreshing skin care treatment. It’s also great for headaches, muscle aches, and other injury relief, too. Even better, each refill can last for up to a week and there are six colors to choose from.


These Make-Up Remover Pads That Are Eco-Friendly & Easy To Use

If you cringe every time you open up the package for a new set of disposable makeup pads, then this set of reusable makeup removers will make your day. It comes with 12 bamboo velour pads and three bamboo terrycloth pads, plus a mesh bag for washing. You can use them for cleansing, removing waterproof makeup, toning, and more.


This Adorable Silicone Cleansing Brush That’s Fun & Functional

Why use a boring face scrubber when you can use a pastel jellyfish silicon brush and sponge? It has two types of bristles for massaging and cleansing, plus a sponge that fits inside the silicon shell to ensure that products reach just the right lather. The pieces can be separated for air drying in between uses, too. Pretty soon you’ll wonder why all of your brushes aren’t equally as cute.


These Bow Headbands To Keep Your Hair In Place When You Wash Your Face

These super cute microfiber headbands have a soft bow detail for extra charm. They’re stretchy enough to fit any head size comfortably, and they promise to stay in place, too. They’re great for cleansing, showering, and keeping your hair in place while masking. Plus, they’re machine washable.


This Beloved Body Oil For Soft & Smooth Skin

This best-selling moisturizing body oil boasts over 100,000 ratings (not a typo!) and a 4.6-star average. It’s made with a blend of oils and vitamins, and works with all skin types. The best part? Not only does it help improve both scars and stretch marks, but it’s non-greasy and will really hydrate your skin.


A Silicone Pouch & Mat That Allows You To Safely Store Hot Tools

This heat-resistant silicone mat and pouch protect your countertops from your hot hair tools. It’s non-stick and textured so both the mat itself and your hot irons and wands stay in place. Then, when your tools aren’t in use, you can tuck them inside the built-in pouch for safe storage and transport.


A Textured Silicone Mat For All Your Brush Cleaning Needs

This compact brush cleaning mat is a quick and easy upgrade to your brush cleaning routine. It has a built-in suction cup to keep it in place on your counter or sink. Plus, the cleaning side has four different patterns to handle brushes and bristles of all kinds. It’s available in four different colors.


These Exfoliating Pads For Cleansing & Retexturing

These facial cleansing pads come loaded with powerhouse skincare ingredients like glycolic acid, hyaluronic acid, and witch hazel for exfoliating, retexturing, and moisturizing all in one fell swoop. You can use them morning or night, and with 60 pads per container, each jar will last for weeks.


A 14-Piece Brush Set At A Super Reasonable Price

This trusty set of makeup brushes will be the essential you wondered how you ever lived without. Each of the 14 brushes is unique and serves a different purpose for your routine, and they all have matching black wood handles, rose gold metallic accents, and synthetic bristles. “I would definitely say these are comparable to high end brushes,” one Amazon reviewer noted. “The handles are nice, but don’t feel as fancy as expensive brushes. But the brush itself is soft and feels just as good as the pricier brands.”


These Matte Lipsticks For Day & Night Looks

Do you like to switch up your lipstick color? Or are you still searching for a favorite? This set of six matte lipsticks gives you great, long-lasting options. There are two unique sets of liquid lipstick to choose from, and each comes in a box that’s perfect for gifting.


A Clean Primer & Mascara In One

The Honest Company, co-founded by Jessica Alba, promises products that are cruelty-free and clean. They’re also focused on meeting climate pledge standards without sacrificing quality. Their double-sided, award-winning mascara and lash primer lengthens, lifts, and enhances lashes, both for glamorous and everyday looks. Another thing to love? Once you use it up, the packaging is recyclable.


These Serum Capsules To Elevate Your Nighttime Routine

These sealed retinol and antioxidant capsules keep serum fresh until the moment you use it. Each jar contains 30 capsules for nightly use. RoC retinol is designed to “accelerate the removal of old, dull surface skin cells” so skin looks fresh and rejuvenated. Each jar contains 30 capsules for nightly use. Once they’re emptied, the capsules are biodegradable.


An Overnight Pen For Simple & Easy Teeth Whitening

This best-selling tooth stain remover pen whitens teeth overnight—all you do is simply apply the serum to your teeth like you’re using a marker. The formula is hydrogen peroxide-based, and it’s even safe for sensitive teeth. In the morning, you simply brush it away. Each pen has up to 35 uses in it, so you can plan to have it for touch-ups, too.


A Lip Tint For All-Day Wear, In A Variety Of Colors

This high pigment, lightweight lip tint comes in more than 20 colors. It goes on smoothly and precisely, thanks to the angled applicator wand, and it stays in place according to buyers. One enthusiastic reviewer even gushed that it’s, “waterproof, kiss-proof, food proof, LIFE PROOF!”


These Eye Masks Made Of Real 24K Gold (Yes, Gold)

You don’t have to limit your gold to just jewelry. In just 20 minutes, these 24k gold eye masks tackle puffy eyes, dark circles, and fine lines. Along with the precious metal, ingredients include collagen, hyaluronic acid, glycerin, and tea tree extract. And, if you’re not ready to commit to 20 pairs, you can get as few as five in a package.


A 2-Pack Of Scalp Massagers So Your Hair Wash Feels Like A Spa Treatment

These silicone scalp massagers and shampoo scrubbers instantly elevate your shower routine. The rubbery bristles are long enough to exfoliate while still being soft enough not to feel sharp or uncomfortable. These are ideal for all hair types. Each pack of scrubbers comes in two unique colors, and there are six sets to choose from.


These Eyeliner Stamps For Easy, Flawless Winged Eyeliner

If you dream of perfectly winged eyeliner but have yet to master drawing it freehand (ahem, guilty) then eyeliner stamps might be your new best friend. Each set comes with two two-sided pens, so you have a stamp for each eye. Buyers confirm how easy this set is to use, and also appreciate that they’re both smudge-proof and waterproof.


A Rainbow Pack Of Liquid Glitter Eyeliner For Dreamy, Sparkly Looks

Facts are facts, you can never have too much glitter in your life. Not only does this set of glittery liquid eyeliner up the shine factor of your makeup routine, but it gives you 10 different colors to experiment with. Two different sets are available, both labeled as being waterproof and long-lasting.


These Eco-Friendly, Reusable Silicone Cotton Swabs

This set of reusable silicone swabs comes with four swabs; two with nodules on each side, one that’s like a classic cotton swab, and one with one teardrop and one classic shape, both in black. Plus, a carrying case and cleaning brush are included, so you have everything you need to maintain your set (and refrain from purchasing disposable swabs) for as long as you please.


A Set Of Pimple Patches That Treat Blemishes Overnight

There’s never a good time to discover a pimple — but if you have these handy hydrocolloid pimple patches on hand, you can easily treat the issue overnight. Just apply it like a sticker, get a good night’s rest, and you’ll find that your pimple is visibly less noticeable in the morning.


This Cooling Eye Mask To Refresh And Rejuvenate The Skin Around Your Eyes

Treat puffy eyes, soothe headaches, rejuvenate your skin, and more with this cooling gel eye mask. One side is soft fabric, while the other is cooling gel beads, so your eyes will get the best of both worlds. The strap is adjustable and it works hot, too—just pop it in the microwave for a few seconds. Choose one of five colors to become the latest addition to your at-home spa experience.


A Tried & True Plumping Lip Gloss That Also Gives You A Pop Of Shine

This cruelty-free and vegan plumping lip gloss is like a makeup version of the LBD; it’s classic, you can wear it almost anywhere, and you’ll always be glad to have one (or five) in your closet — or in this case, cosmetics bag. There are five pretty and versatile colors to choose from. And, you can’t beat the price.


This Set Of Two-Sided Eyeliners & Stamps That Create A Variety Of Looks In Seconds

Love eyeliner stamps but don’t want to commit to just one style? Or perhaps you already know that you’ll enjoy using multiple kinds. Either way, this set will work wonders for you. Each pen is double-sided with a classic eyeliner point on one side, and a stamp on the other. You can opt for images like hearts and stars, or a set of wings. “Holy cow, these pens are now my favorite eyeliners I own!” raved one Amazon reviewer. “It’s super easy to do a nice, sharp wing with the pointed end.”

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