Why Komi Doesn’t Know How Beautiful & Loved She Is

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Komi Can not Communicate’s titular character is popular thanks to her excellent appears, but she hardly ever looks to know this herself. You will find a motive for that.

Komi Cannot Converse is a preferred new slice-of-everyday living shonen anime show based on writer Tomohito Oda’s primary manga collection, and the star is Komi Shoko, a preferred but terribly shy and anxious substantial college student who has a person intention — to make 100 friends just before graduation. It truly is time to split out of her shell.

Komi may possibly be shy, but she’s not obscure. In truth, she is widely admired in Itan large university for her interesting poise, outstanding grades and most of all, gorgeous splendor. Having said that, Komi appears unaware of her good appears to be, or at the pretty minimum won’t treatment about her physical appearance. She cares only for authentic friendships and human connections, not a pretty face.

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Komi May well Be Unaware Of Her Splendor

There may well be two motives for Komi failing to acknowledge her fantastic appears to be, a single of these getting that she is just not knowledgeable of her good seems at all. All of Komi’s classmates, and in fact most random strangers, find her eye-catching, but she won’t seem to be to come across herself appealing. Even so, relatively than getting self-image difficulties, Komi simply just will take her fantastic looks for granted, particularly in a household like hers.

Komi life with her warm and caring family members, and notably, the two her mom Shuko and her more youthful brother Shosuke are very eye-catching, though the father Masayoshi has a little bit earlier mentioned typical appears to be like for a gentleman his age. In this context, magnificence can be taken for granted, and if Komi grew up with a lovely mother and a handsome brother, her own very good seems to be very likely feel typical and average, and she never had any mates to evaluate herself to. By the Komi family’s large criteria, Komi is simply one more woman, so she hardly ever recognized how interest-grabbing her look truly is. She can manage to have very significant expectations for herself.

In addition, quite a few scenes in the Komi anime and manga depict Komi misinterpreting other people’s reactions to her excellent appears. Just one rationalization is that because Komi is unaware of her good seems, she under no circumstances considers this when seeing other people’s reactions to her. Absolutely everyone else stares in awe and offers her a huge berth on the sidewalk, so Komi believes that absolutely everyone else finds her repulsive, which upsets her. Komi even admits this to Tadano Hitohito with her created messages, professing “I believe they hate me.” Thus, Komi’s excellent appears really operate from her, creating an further barrier to forming personal connections with other people.

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Komi May well Not Treatment About Her Physical appearance That Significantly


Typical wisdom states that teenage ladies treatment a fantastic deal about their appearances, and for that subject, a great deal of teenage boys furthermore have an invested desire in their individual. Having said that, Komi is no common teenage woman, and this is primarily accurate for the story’s sake. It can be feasible that Komi does know how beautiful she is, but presented her social stress and anxiety and her loneliness, she simply just won’t treatment about superficial appearances. In truth, she might resent her very good appears to be, as it’s possible that Komi does know that her very good looks lead to other persons to give her a broad berth. She may possibly even believe that other men and women envy her attractive physical appearance, and that may be why other individuals “hate” her.

If so, Komi’s self-esteem difficulties are the opposite of the norm, and it truly is doable that she resolved to halt caring entirely. Her appealing visual appeal hardly ever did her any great, so she determined to emphasis her attempts somewhere else. Getting superior-searching is in fact a element in producing mates and forming connections, but what’s on the within should not be overlooked. Komi has the aim of creating 100 good friends and possibly understands that her excellent looks will never help, so she started out disregarding this variable in herself and other people, focusing only on what is within her and other people.

She could have gotten so employed to this viewpoint that she forgot what impact her visual appearance has on other people, which disorients her when the topic will come up. Komi could believe that other men and women dislike her due to the fact of what’s on the within, forgetting that her fantastic seems tragically have a tendency to unintentionally thrust other individuals away.

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