A Step-by-Step Guide on Sandwiching Your Skin Products

Robert Hundley

The dampness sandwich has been several-splendored because it blew up beauty message boards and TikTok feeds past yr. If you do not recall, it’s a three-action skin-treatment hack coined on Reddit and popularized by Dieux co-founder Charlotte Palermino. To sandwich, you dampen, moisturize, then lock it all in with an occlusive like Vaseline—kind of like slugging.

The expression is comparatively new and buzzy, but the philosophy guiding it is not. “They’re just lovable names to speak about really previous procedures that most persons have been undertaking for a long time,” Palermino, who is also a certified esthetician, tells Coveteur. Don’t forget when your mother would slather your facial area with Vaseline in advance of you still left for school? In essence, she was sandwiching. “These phrases appear about to have a cute way for you to contextualize it. And what’s in a sandwich? Levels.”

Palermino’s own sandwiching lineup starts with Dieux’s Deliverance serum, but it constantly begins with a moist canvas. “After I wash my confront, I use Deliverance. I’ll then perhaps use a procedure serum, like a retinol or sometimes an exfoliant, then a moisturizer, then an occlusive—but I will not use an occlusive when I’m making use of retinol,” she clarifies.


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Irrespective of how acquainted we might be with the plan of sandwiching skin treatment, there’s even now a ton that isn’t distinct about how to ace this moisturizing technique. Does this tip only use to dry skin types? Is it a no-go all through the sweatier summer time months? And which merchandise are very best exercise for sealing every little thing in?

Effectively, to thoroughly execute the humidity sandwich, it is vital to realize the what and the why: Per Palermino’s viral explainer on Instagram, this process just refers to how you layer your items. As for its objective, it is a uncomplicated, self-treatment-centric way to get the most out of your pores and skin-treatment regimen. “It’s conditioning your skin,” Palermino suggests. “The range 1 way to get your skin to search a specified way is to seriously make positive that you are moisturizing and protecting it.”

If you have by natural means oily, reactive, or acne-inclined pores and skin, making use of dampness in threes sounds understandably daunting. But that does not necessarily mean it is off-limits. The important is to cleanse, cleanse, cleanse. “If you have much more acneic pores and skin, you must absolutely be hydrating your pores and skin and possibly employing a gel moisturizer above that,” she claims. “But if you’re not doing this on tremendous cleansed pores and skin or exfoliated skin, you can be trapping useless pores and skin cells or germs underneath, and it can totally exacerbate a breakout.”

When I practically fulfilled up with Charlotte, I was most curious about how the humidity sandwich could be folded into a warm-weather conditions pores and skin-care routine. Smearing Aquaphor in sweltering warmth? Not so confident about it. But the moisture sandwich can be summertime-friendly, too, just in a unique way. “In hotter months, I will probably adhere to no Vaseline or no Aquaphor,” Charlotte claims. For lighter occlusives that are just as great, she suggests Chemist Confessions and Satya Organics’ beeswax balm. Forward, we’ve set together pointers and solution tips for how to learn the dampness sandwich.

Move A person: Dampen

The to start with phase is to dampen the skin with faucet drinking water. This way, items can seep into your skin’s barrier more simply. “What you are accomplishing when you are dampening your pores and skin is you’re not only raising permeability, but you are also form of offering some dampness for the humectants in your serum to maintain on to and plump out the place,” she clarifies. Charlotte in comparison it to placing cleaning soap on a dry sponge vs . a soaked just one.

If you want to zhoosh this stage up, take into consideration trying an essence as an alternative. “Essences are just enjoyable,” she provides. “Are they necessary? No. You can possibly get away with just dampening your encounter with some faucet water, but do I believe that my skin’s a bit juicier? Probably.”

Phase Two: Moisturize

Following, implement your go-to moisturizer. The key to earning absolutely sure you are maxing out moisture is building sure that your moisturizer goes on although your skin is however moist.

Move A few: Lock It In

“As the very very last phase, I use a pea-measurement volume of a balm,” Palermino claims. The critical to this stage, she says, is opting for a balm with an occlusive method that can avoid 99 p.c of water loss, but even now let one particular per cent of breathability. “That’s actually making it possible for your skin to fix,” she points out. “If you occlude one thing at 100 per cent for a very long period of time, it’s really not likely to make it possible for your pores and skin to repair—it’s like if you coated on your own in saran wrap.”

As for what to access for, really don’t shy absent from petroleum jelly. “People are generally like, ‘Why do you communicate about Vaseline so a great deal?’ But very frankly, it bothers me how the clear splendor motion has demonized 1 of the most available, productive, and reduce carbon footprint products out there,” she states. If you’re topping matters off with SPF, just make sure to access for a non-petrolatum-centered balm to avert your sunscreen from slipping.

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