Sports journalism’s use of beautiful girls is the first form of harassment

Robert Hundley

Now that the attention for the Greta Beccaglia case, the TV Toscana correspondent who was groped outside a stadium, has slightly decreased, I think it is appropriate to tackle the incident starting from afar. Maybe leaving the parking lot of a stadium populated (also) by uncivilized molesters and returning to the studio of that quiet local TV based in Campi Bisenzio, province of Florence.

Because if it is true that Greta Beccaglia was harassed by a man and humiliated by his lousy gesture, it is equally true that an era should end, that of women humiliated by a frequent and degrading editorial line of sports journalism in this country, above all. on private TV, but not only.

Greta Beccaglia, despite having been defined as a “journalist” by all the journalists and newspapers in the country, although she too defines herself in her biography, is not actually a journalist.

Let me be clear: the writer does not consider the card a guarantee of talent and professionalism but, in fact, we are not talking about a journalist enrolled in the association or a professional who has been working in this field for some time (the same 27-year-old Beccaglia confirms that she has just finished the two years to apply for the card).

I am therefore amazed by the immediate stance of the order of journalists of Tuscany which releases trumpeting public announcements offering legal assistance to Greta Beccaglia and declaring that it will be a civil party, so as to inaugurate a new fashion: that of protecting a worker who does not belong at their own order, while perhaps many registered journalists are left to themselves, amidst intimidating complaints, assaults, threats.

Here lies the problem: why was Greta Beccaglia out of that stadium after a derby and not a journalist with adequate experience for the situation and the role? Is there a lack of sports journalists to send to the field, on days that are perhaps more complex than others? I’ll tell you: no.

The fan has the right to the beautiful girl

It is therefore appropriate to question the reality of local TVs which are the most genuine cross-section of this country in which the woman may no longer end up on advertising billboards combined with tires or motorcycles, but is present in massive quantities in sports programs, in a demeaning specific quota which is, very often, “beautiful girl in jeopardy”.

Whether in the studio or outside a stadium, it doesn’t matter, the important thing is that the fan of Fantozzi’s imaginary, between a belch and an insult to the opponent, also has a beautiful woman to look at. Maybe even to laugh at. Or to humiliate after a game, also because an expert puts you back in place, someone with little experience may stammer something and greetings.

There have always been viral gaffes of busty and inexperienced girls on local and even non-local TVs who play alongside male conductors, often agé, who question them with the paternalistic attitude of those who allow them to read the results of the matches. Or who knows, to say something, but in a world of males, in a world you can access almost exclusively if you are “hot” or, at least, if you are “also hot”.

Just take a look at the sports programs on local and non-local TVs: it is (almost) all a swarm of beautiful girls, clearly inexperienced, sometimes embarrassing, placed there on the shelf behind the conductor like an Italian cup.

I’m not saying Greta Beccaglia is embarrassing or clueless, but she’s certainly inexperienced and not a journalist. “Don’t take it,” reassured her, in fact, with that paternalistic tone mentioned above by the man in the studio, who addressed her as if she were a child someone has taken off her snack or untied her braid while she is sitting in front , at school desks.

And then a shower of solidarity with her and insults at him, without anyone being able to watch the episode from a right distance, after the sacrosanct indignation against the harasser.

We should stop using women in decoy mode in football. We should stop sending them into trouble, looking for girls to whom to entrust the role of the gaffer of the day or that of the expert journalist if she is not an expert journalist, but beautiful enough to feed the average fan or the stereotype of the average fan.

Because yes, a hand on the butt is a harassment, an inexperienced or decorative woman scientifically placed in sports programs is part of a harassing culture that should be punished with a definitive and irreversible daspo.

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