Whether To Apply Skin Care to Wet or Dry Skin

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No matter how amazing your pores and skin-care merchandise are, they can only perform to their whole potential if you’re placing them on accurately. Some ingredients get the job done greatest when used to marginally moist pores and skin, although other people require pores and skin to be entirely dry to get to peak performance. And if you don’t adhere to these particulars, Shirley Chi, MD, a board-licensed skin doctor in Southern California, states you would not be getting the most out of your program.

“Your skin-treatment routine must choose many minutes,” states Dr. Chi. Which is due to the fact you may perhaps have to hold out for just one action to dry just before you can carry on with the future to get the most powerful benefits. Down below, Dr. Chi breaks down which ingredients need to go on moist pores and skin and which ones will need dry pores and skin.

1. Moisturizing ingredients: damp skin

“Moisturizers must seriously be positioned on just somewhat damp, freshly washed pores and skin,”  suggests Dr. Chi. “The way they operate is that they lure humidity, so if you are putting moisturizer on skin that’s fully dry, I indicate extra than 30 seconds dry, then it seriously does not do that substantially to moisturize.”

If your facial plan is very simple and you’re just implementing a moisturizer soon after you cleanse, you can expect to want to do this ASAP, whilst your pores and skin is nevertheless wet. The identical goes for any moisturizing serums you may layer into your schedule, like hyaluronic acid, squalene, or niacinamide.

2. Active ingredients: dry skin

At any time you might be applying an lively component (aka an ingredient that actively changes the pores and skin) like retinol, glycolic acid, vitamin C, or hydrocortisone, you want to implement it to a dry complexion. That’s simply because you want the component to be equipped to absolutely sink in rather of just sliding all around on prime of damp skin. This is in particular correct for any product or oil-dependent actives, as we know oil and h2o do not get along.

“It is far more powerful if you might be applying it and it stays exactly where you will need to put it,” says Dr. Chi. For instance, “if you have a prescription topical, brightening oil, or an anti-inflammatory medicine, dry skin is far better, since if it is soaked and there is certainly any oil at all in the medication, it just slips off.”

So if you want to use a moisturizing serum (like the types pointed out above), use that suitable out of the shower even though your skin is however moist, and let your skin air dry for a handful of minutes just before next up with your energetic. Then, you can utilize your moisturizer appropriate on leading of that. Your pores and skin should however be moist more than enough from your active serum to permit it to penetrate thoroughly.

This is exactly where it receives difficult: Some serums include things like both equally moisturizing and active ingredients—like a vitamin C serum which is formulated with hyaluronic acid or a retinoid that is also got squalane. In these cases, when you apply ought to depend on what advantages you happen to be on the lookout to get out of the serum. If you are focused only on moisturizing, implement them to damp skin, but if you want to make the most of the actives, wait until eventually your complexion is dry.

3. Sunscreen: dry pores and skin

Most importantly, your sunscreen desires to go on dry pores and skin. Regardless of whether it is really chemical or mineral, sunscreen and moist skin do not blend. “If you set a mineral sunscreen on soaked skin, it doesn’t go on,” says Dr. Chi. And though chemical sunscreen might blend into damp skin, it’s not heading to perform as well. “The way chemical sunscreens function is that they basically interact with your stratum corneum, with the prime layer of your epidermis, to soak up ultraviolet rays so that they do not go into your skin and do injury. If you are applying it to damp skin, then that’s going to impact the absorption of the chemical sunscreen.” And in effect, how nicely it is in a position to soak up UV rays.

Require some schedule inspo? Here is how a dermatologist cares for her pores and skin:

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