Top 50 Neck Tattoo Designs To Try Out In 2023

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Remember the time Deepika Padukone flaunted her RK tattoo on her neck

Girls all over the nation ran wild, and so did the sales of tattoo parlours.

Well, neck tattoos are not engraved anywhere near your delicate throat.

The feeling of getting inked is always thrilling. It’s not just about aesthetics, it’s also about defining yourself, your passions and your interests.

Let us help you display hundreds of neck tattoos at work with delicacy and simplicity.

Consider getting one of these 50 gorgeous neck tattoos to turn heads.

Top 50 Attractive Neck Tattoo Designs For Girls

1. Flowery Tattoos

Floral Neck Tattoo
© iStock

While colourful flowers are lovely, something is alluring about black and grey floral neck tattoos. Here is an example for your seeing. Look at the simple yet impactful image this tattoo gives.

2. Rose Tattoo

Rose Neck Tattoo
© Shutterstock

Regarding neck tattoos, red flowers are a very popular choice. A red rose is a representation of all things love, compassion, and devotion in addition to being aesthetically pleasing. You can buy tattoo ink from Amazon to fill in the colour.

3. Musical Note Tattoo

Musical Note Neck Tattoo
© Shutterstock

This neck tattoo is the perfect way to express love, enthusiasm, passion, and joy. It also symbolizes a love of music.

4. Bird Design Tattoo

Bird Neck Tattoo
© iStock

Small bird tattoos are ideal for you if you enjoy travelling and have a relaxed attitude. A few years ago, sea wanderers, including sailors and fishermen, especially those who had travelled more than a few kilometres at sea, were frequently seen with bird tattoos. 

5. Phases of Moon Tattoo

Moon Neck Tattoo
© Shutterstock

Moon phases make for a beautiful side-neck tattoo design. These stages stand for life’s never-ending cycle of change. The moon also represents new beginnings and powerful feminine strength.

6. Geometric Tattoo

Geometric Neck Tattoo
© Amazon

This geometric design has a world map. Even the lateral slopes of the shoulders are covered by the precisely centred design that properly covers the neck.

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7. Star Tattoo

Star Neck Tattoo
© Shutterstock

These are attention-getters that are acceptable among both men and women. They are interpreted as ambition and hope, and they occasionally serve as symbols of luck, success, and well wishes.

8. Feather Tattoo

Feather Neck Tattoo for Women
© Shutterstock

People also wear feather tattoos for their aesthetic beauty and for their profound symbolism. A feather’s lightness and ability to fly represent both freedom and enlightenment.

9. Butterfly Tattoo

Butterfly Neck Tattoo
© Shutterstock

Consider putting a colourful butterfly—a symbol of femininity, freedom, and elegance—in the area around your neck.

10. Angle Tattoo

Wings Neck Tattoo
© iStock

Fairies or angels have served as symbols of virtue and love throughout history. Inscribe the adorable tiny fairies in your neck.

11. Heart Tattoo

Little Heart Neck Tattoo
© Shutterstock

It gives your loving side of yourself a loving component. Girls who have heart tattoos express their belief in love, dreams, and an infinite number of relationships.

12. Sun Tattoos

Sun Neck Tattoo
© Amazon

You may design sun tattoos to leave a lasting impact on your guests. Choose your favourite sun tattoo from the many designs available; they are a symbol of life.

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13. Zodiac Sign Tattoo

Sun Sign Neck Tattoo
© iStock

A person’s zodiac sign may reveal a lot about their personality. Each zodiac sign has a unique quality that distinguishes the people who belong to that sign.

14. Text Tattoo

Text Neck Tattoo for Women
© iStock

Since females tend to choose statements that will boost confidence, the impact is particularly apparent in situations where the message is inspirational or religious.

15. Snake Tattoo

Bold Snake Neck Tattoo
© iStock

When it comes to neck tattoos, this is a common option. The tattoo of a snake and a rose symbolizes love so intense that it verges on temptation.

16. Vines Tattoo

Minimalistic Vines Neck Tattoo
© Shutterstock

Everyone can find something here. This neck tattoo, if that’s what your heart desires, will go nicely with your minimalistic taste.

17. Sunflowers

Sunflower Neck Tattoo
© Shutterstock

Sunflowers are strongly related to the sun since they are always moving in their direction. They will bring back memories of hot summer days.

18. Bats Tattoo

Bats Neck Tattoo
© Shutterstock

Nothing is more ominous than a bat flying. Some people are so in love with bats that they decide they must get a tattoo of one. This one is both highly distinctive and unusual. 

19. Ship Tattoo

Ship Neck Tattoo
© Shutterstock

You can only get these needles out because it is easy to create, so getting them won’t hurt too much. You may experiment with feathers or other rather tribal looks when standing on a ship.

20. Symbol Tattoo

Symbol Neck Tattoo
© Shutterstock

One symbol or a complex combination of symbols may be used in neck tattoos. There are several interpretations and meanings for triangle tattoos.

21. Antlers Tattoo

Antler Neck Tattoo for Women
© Shutterstock

Some tattoos on the neck extend to the shoulders. This tattoo is one example. One of the most well-liked but distinctive motifs for neck tattoos is the magnificent appearance of antlers. 

22. Barbed Wire Tattoo

Barbed Wire Neck Tattoo
© Shutterstock

The meaning of a barbed wire tattoo can vary greatly. They can represent faith since they are modelled after the crown of thorns that Jesus wore before making his sacrifice.

23. Tribal Ink

Tribal Ink Neck Tattoo
© Shutterstock

Neck tattoos appear to be quite intriguing and seductive. You have complete creative freedom. This lovely tattoo was influenced by tribal designs and art.

24. Cupid Tattoo

Cupid Neck Tattoo for Women
© Shutterstock

There are always some designs that appeal to males and others that represent ladies and their charm.

25. Animal Face Tattoo

Animal Neck Tattoo
© iStock

Animal tattoos are a favourite among those who adore getting tattoos since often each animal signifies a certain mood, emotion, or ability. 

26. Owl Tattoo

Artistic Owl Neck Tattoo
© Shutterstock

The most popular types of tattoos nowadays are neck tattoos, which are among the most prevalent. Human history is intertwined with owl symbols. Before an ink request is drawn, it’s critical to determine its importance because meanings vary from culture to culture.

27. Cat Tattoo

Cat Neck Tattoo
© Shutterstock

If you love cats, you can have a tattoo of one on your neck. To express your passion for cats, you may even draw the cat’s call on your neck.

28. Necklace Tattoo

Royal Necklace Tattoo
© Shutterstock

Another one of the most amazing neck tattoo ideas, this one is worn around the neck like a necklace of royalty.

29. Lotus Tattoo

Symbolic Lotus Neck Tattoo
© Shutterstock

Another ideal tattoo for a woman is a lotus neck tattoo. They also have an attractive neck fit. They stand for strength, endurance, and serenity.

30. Hello Kitty Tattoo

Hello Kitty Neck Tattoo
© iStock

If you love cartoons, consider getting a Hello Kitty tattoo on your neck to give guests a sense of your charm.

31. Rose with Throne Tattoo

Black and White Rose Neck Tattoo
© Shutterstock

The thorns among the roses represent the struggles people encounter in life. This is one of those neck tattoos that will symbolize the come-what-may spirit since no life is without difficulty.

32. Yin And Yang Tattoo

Yin and Yang Neck Tattoo
© Amazon

The yin and yang symbol is a popular tattoo design. The relationship between the many energies in the cosmos is symbolized by yin and yang.

33. Nature Tattoo

Beautiful Neck Tattoo Representing Nature
© Shutterstock

This creative neck tattoo design lets you express your passion for the outdoors. The lush, tropical foliage provides a grand appearance.

34. Anatomical Heart Tattoo

Artistic Heart Neck Tattoo
© Shutterstock

Get a heart tattoo close to your heart! You’ll have a special tattoo with this design. Your concept of wearing your heart—or in this instance, your breasts—on your sleeve would apply. 

35. Multi-Colour Flowers Tattoo

Colourful Flower Neck Tattoo
© Shutterstock

What do you say to the lovely yellow blossoms that seem to be bursting forth? We applaud this novel and distinctive tattoo location. It seems very incredible!

36. Mountain Tattoo

Mountain Lover Neck Tattoo
© Shutterstock

A mountain tattoo is a great choice if you’re seeking a unique symbol tattoo or a tattoo with significance that displays your power and tenacity.

37. Small Flowers Tattoo

Pretty Little Flower Neck Tattoo
© iStock

This small flower tattoo is a great choice if you’re seeking small flower tattoos. The little leaves and flowers on this tattoo seem exquisite and give it a stunning appearance.

38. Dolphin Tattoo

Cute Dolphin Neck Tattoo
© Shutterstock

Dolphins are the best to showcase your beauty most stunningly since they are adorable and charming.

39. Orchids Tattoo

Neck to Back Orchid Tattoo
© Shutterstock

Small orchids on the back or side of your neck will make a unique statement and will make you look elegant as you flaunt your tattoo.

40. Name Initial Tattoo

Name Initial Neck Tattoo
© Shutterstock

The name initial tattoos have been popular ever since. From arms to wrist to back to neck, these are tattoo designs that can be printed anywhere and flaunted with pride.

41. Cross Tattoo

Cross Neck Tattoo
© Shutterstock

You might have come across many people flaunting cross tattoos on their wrists or shoulders. Lately, the cross tattoo has become an extremely popular neck tattoo design for girls.

42. Personalized Tattoo

personalized tattoo for neck women
© Shutterstock

Tattoos that have personal significance to you or that you wish to serve as a reminder to others look wonderful on the back of the neck.

43. Simplistic Tattoo

Simple Design Neck Tattoo
© Shutterstock

The size and other personalized details make this minimalist crown design stand out, but it also employs a lot of negative space and thin contours to give the impression that it is fragile.

44. Anchor Tattoo

Anchor Neck Tattoo
© Amazon

Since the days when sailors were the only ones receiving tattoos, anchors have become a common and trendy design element.

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45. Semicolon Tattoo

Simple Semi Colon Neck Tattoo
© Shutterstock

A semicolon tattoo is a very unique and significant piece of body art. If the symbolism is everything to you, opt for a simple, minimalist design that forcefully communicates the message.

46. Sword Tattoo

Bold Sword Neck Tattoo
© Shutterstock

Although a long, thin design like a sword may not seem appropriate for the back of the neck, it is the ideal form to draw attention to the neck’s natural contours.

47. Extended Scripts Tattoo

Script Neck Tattoo
© iStock

One interesting and fun way to convey your deep thoughts without saying a word is through script tattoos.

48. Moon

Creative Moon Neck Tattoo
© iStock

It takes courage to place a shaded piece on one of the body’s most delicate places while using little inks. In addition, a crescent moon pattern is a strong and straightforward conversation starter.

49. Constellation

Take You To the Space
© Shutterstock

There is no doubt that tattoos of heavenly bodies are popular. However, if you want a more understated look, add your flair to this nape ink that replicates the constellation’s position.

50. Flower Bouquet Tattoo

Flower Bouquet Neck Tattoo
© Shutterstock

If you find it difficult to choose just one flower, a simple bouquet is a nice alternative. The delicate colour scheme is particularly ideal for those who wish to emphasize their femininity.


Make sure the design is one you genuinely adore since getting a tattoo on your neck is a daring and bold decision. Don’t forget to use a good tattoo balm afterwards. We hope these gorgeous, stylish female neck tattoos will aid in your decision-making, ranging from traditional symbols to exquisite animals and feathers.

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