Lucy Hale Shares Her Best Brow Tips, Favorite Beauty Devices and the Key to Her Glossy Hair

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Lucy Hale has an undoubtedly striking look. Each feature on her face pops and compliments the others. Bold brows, sleek short hair, light eyes and full lips often painted red. Hale loves beauty and hair both on set and off, which makes her recent partnership with Wella for their new Shinefinity Color Glaze feel organic. The zero lift, zero-damage glaze, which comes in 32 shades, can be used following blonding services or as a standalone treatment to achieve silky, healthy hair. The star recently showed off her new color, which she’s affectionately referring to as a “chestnut latte” shade. Hale talked with us about being a lip balm hoarder, going blonde, her favorite looks she’s had on set and more.

Your signature look is a sleek, short, dark bob. Why do you think this is your go-to?

“That’s a good question. I feel like growing up, having long hair was like my security blanket. I chopped my hair almost 10 years ago, and there were a lot of things going on in my life at the same time, but I felt like that was when I came into my own, and that’s when I started experimenting with new beauty looks and fashion.

I’m also petite, and I think that short hair kind of just fits the whole package a little more. I like to change up my hair a lot, and partnering with Wella is really exciting. I get to try all these different types of haircuts and hair colors. But my go-to will always be, I feel like, short and dark hair for sure.”

Although you’re known for your gorgeous dark hair, you’ve also been blonde. What steps did you take to transition safely to blonde?

“I think it’s all about having people that I really trust and taking the process really slowly because obviously, the key is keeping hair healthy. I just kind of leave it up to the experts, and when going blonde, we do it over a really long time. It takes a solid six months to get to that perfect blonde tone that I love.

With Wella, I had really dark hair initially, I knew that I wanted to go lighter, so we lifted it a little bit and lightened it. Then they have these new glazes out that are super easy to use. You just put it all over your head, and it lasts for a couple of washes, and it just makes your hair feel so shiny. It brightens up any brassiness, and they have so many shades to choose from. So right now, I’m what we’re calling a chestnut latte.”

Did being a blonde change you at all?

“People say, ‘Blondes have more fun.’ I don’t know if that’s true. I’ve had a lot of fun as a brunette. I’ve done red too. Red was a ton of fun. I typically just change up my hair for different roles, so I kind of read a project and try to imagine what kind of fashion they would have, what kind of hair color they would have, so it sort of more depends on that.”

How did Wella Shinefinity Color Glaze make a difference in your hair?

“It’s super good for damaged hair. It’s really good for people who need more moisture, more hydration. When we initially put it on, my hair felt like glass, it was so hydrated, so smooth. It’s for all hair types, but especially for people that are worried about damage or don’t want to cause more damage. My hair goes through so much. Anything I’m putting on my hair, I need to know that it’s going to help my hair, not hurt it.”

How do hair and makeup help you get in character? What are some of your favorite hair and makeup looks of characters you’ve played?

“I’ve been really lucky with some of the roles I’ve played that have super fun looks, from Aria in Pretty Little Liars who wore pink hair stripes and always had a lot of fun makeup and feather earrings and cool fashion to Katy Keene with that iconic red lip. Now I’ve been doing more roles with sort of no makeup, which is a lot of fun as well.”

What about makeup looks for yourself?

“My everyday look is very simple, it’s pretty much the same every day. But I love to switch it up for press events and premieres. I never want to try the same thing twice. I feel like I’ve always switched it up. I kind of start with the outfit, and then I’ll sort of expand from there, or I’ll see a really cool color lip and then revolve everything around the lip. It’s going to be different every time. I pull references, sometimes I’ll see something really interesting on Instagram, and say, ‘Oh, I kind of want to do that.’”

Your eyebrows are super iconic. Any tips on how to achieve the look or is it all in the genes?

“I have my dad to thank for that. My dad has good eyebrow genes. He has like Eugene Levy brows, and he passed them along to me. My whole motto for brows is to leave them be, especially if you’re growing them out. Don’t touch them for months, six months if you’re growing them out. The bigger, the better. I do believe in brushing up the brows to make them appear bigger and fluffier. I love a fluffy brow. 

There is this highlighting trick that can give the illusion of bigger brows. You get a highlighter and a flat brush, and you highlight underneath the brow. Then you can see where to fill in. And that highlight gives the illusion of bigger brows too if you need a little help, which we all do sometimes.”

You have stunning hazel eyes with green and gold undertones. Any makeup tips for the hazel-eyed girls and guys out there to help make their eyes pop?

“Plum and purples really pop the green. I tend to do things within the golden family. Gold, brown, neutral tones, I think, make them pop a little more too. Also, hair color, that’s why I’m so excited to have lighter hair because I feel like golden lighter tones in my hair bring out the golden tones in my eyes.”

What are some beauty, hair or wellness products you can’t live without?

“I love my LightStim, which is this LED handheld light thing that I use in bed. I just read and use that. Obviously, Wella Shinefinity Color Glaze. I’m a lip balm hoarder. All lip balm, any kind, I don’t discriminate. I love Aquaphor and Dr. PAWPAW. I’m all about these hydrogel sheet masks from 111 Skin—they’re great. I use those in the morning. I love microcurrent, my NuFACE is a favorite. I mean, I could keep going forever and ever, but I’ll leave it at those.”

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