Judy Greer Shares Her Top 10 Beauty and Wellness Products

Robert Hundley

From the snarky sidekick in movies like 13 Going on 30 to the leading lady in shows like Reboot, Judy Greer has grown with us. In that time, she has perfected her beauty routine.

1 / 10


“What we put in our bodies is most important of all. When we are hydrated, everything is happy.”

2 / 10

FaceGym Youth Reformer Vitamin C Oil in Serum ($98)

“I totally notice a glow when I use this. I love using vitamin C during the day, and when I use this one, I only need to put my SPF on top. It’s lovely under makeup.”

4 / 10

Summer Fridays Lip Butter Balm in Vanilla ($23)

“My makeup artist, Michelle Kearns, introduced me to this, and I am addicted. It’s not too fragrant, and it makes my lips look plumper! And it lasts! And it works! And I’m addicted! (Did I say that already?).”

5 / 10

Violette_FR Boum-Boum Milk ($64)

“I love this! I bought it because I have never found a face spray/ toner/refresher that is also moisturizing. I use it all day, I’m really loving it.”

6 / 10

Kypris Beauty Elixir ($230)

“This is the truth: I got turned on to this by makeup artist Tamah Krinsky, and it is a work of art. It makes you feel like a goddess, look like a goddess and smell like a goddess. It’s a goddess-maker.”

7 / 10

Christie Kidd PA-C Renewal Serum ($52)

“I could write a book about Christie Kidd and this serum that I have always called her ‘yellow sauce.’ If you think I have good skin, this is probably why. I use it at night and mix it with an oil or moisturizer and sometimes I’m crazy and just use it alone.”

10 / 10

Wile Un-Worry ($25)

“Back to number one, what you put in is more important than what we put on, and since I am a worrier, this does wonders for my ability to be calm during the day and sleep at night.”

Greer currently stars in Hulu’s show Reboot and is a founding partner at Wile, supplements for women over 40.