Best hair growth products of 2022: Shampoos, serums, oils and more

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ealthy hair growth is the ultimate test in patience.

For those of us who struggle with growing past a certain length, it’s a constant battle to avoid the sunshine, use hair-friendly products, figure out the best ratio of washing and still, inevitably, struggle to reach new lengths. To trim every eight weeks, or to wait a few months for that extra inch to maybe appear? It’s a constant internal debate.

The best way to encourage hair growth is to create an all-encompassing routine that boosts healthy hair at every step of the growth cycle. That’s something that starts at the scalp or, if you’re looking a little deeper, continues further into the world of hormones and biology. Once you’ve got those tackled, it’s crucial to keep hair – which is a dead protein – from splitting or breaking. A good combination of nourishing products is key to success.

Gail Waterman of leading hair-growth brand Watermans, says: “No hair growth remedy can claim to work overnight. However, with regular use, a targeted hair care routine and balanced diet can contribute to a healthy scalp and help to stimulate hair growth.”

She shares some the hair-loving ingredients that are thought to help stimulate hair growth below:

  • Biotin: Also known as Vitamin B7, Biotin helps to encourage the rate of hair follicle growth. It stimulates the production of Keratin and is thought to be particularly beneficial for those with thinning hair.
  • Caffeine: When included in your hair care routine, caffeine helps to increase blood circulation to the scalp, improving the health of your hair follicles. This can help to stimulate the scalp, creating a great environment for natural hair growth.
  • Argan Oil: This is a fantastic ingredient for scalp care. It’s rich in antioxidants and anti-inflammatories that are good for the skin, and can help keep the scalp moisturised and healthy.
  • Allantoin: This natural ingredient renowned for its skin and hair care benefits. Its keratolytic action helps to treat and/or prevent a dry, itchy scalp, working to nourish and condition. By caring for the scalp, it creates an optimum environment for hair growth.

Read on for all of our favourite products.

Grow Gorgeous Intense Collection

Product image from Look Fantastic

As well as encouraging hair growth, Grow Gorgeous’ shampoo and conditioner are top of the pile when it comes to leaving hair soft, shiny and easy to style. You could simply buy the shampoo or conditioner to incorporate into your normal haircare routine but, if you’re serious about hair growth, the Intense Collection covers all bases without having to search elsewhere for a matching mask or serum.

Caffeine and biotin are two of the most prominent ingredients listed in this vegan formula, alongside keratin, amino acids and rice protein. The rest of the collection is just as nourishment-stuffed, including ingredients like biomimetic peptide, Chinese scullcap, organic pea sprout and red clover. You’ll love it initially for its delicious smell and then for its impressive results.

Scandinavian Biolabs Hair Growth Routine

Product image from Scandinavian Biolabs

“Scandinavian Biolabs” sounds pretty fancy before you’ve even delved into what this brand does. Designed as a one-stop-shop for hair growth, the brand’s Hair Growth Routine was specifically developed to effectively reduce hair thinning, grow new strands and maintain healthy, strong and vibrant hair all at the same time.

It does this from multiple angles but mostly by incorporating high-performing active ingredients that are all entirely vegan, naturally-derived and non-toxic. Capilia Longa, niacinamide and aloe vera improve hair density, boost keratin levels and improve skin hydration respectively.

It’s also one of the best brands out there for cynics, featuring plenty of photos of hair growth transformations on its site with scientific research to back it all up.

Viviscal Densifying Shampoo And Conditioner

Product image from Amazon

Viviscal’s formula was specifically designed for hair growth alone. Viviscal is the brand to know if you’re serious about fast growth and its Gorgeous Growth line doesn’t lie. Start out with the Densifying Shampoo and Conditioner or, if you’re looking to go all out, combine with the brand’s (clinically proven) Maximum Strength Hair Growth Supplement. Biotin, keratin, zinc, pea sprouts and grape seeds are just some of the hair-loving ingredients here. Bonus points? It’s nourishing and lightweight and makes your hair feel more volumised at the same time.

Olaplex No9 Bond Protector Nourishing Hair Serum

Product image from Boots – free to use

Ask anyone about hair growth and you’ll almost certainly get a few recommendations for Olaplex. A much-loved brand by professionals thanks to its one-of-a-kind patented formula, Olaplex needs no formal introduction. The only problem you may have is knowing where to start, other than maybe closing your eyes and randomly pointing at a number.

While some Olaplex formulas are designed to be used in-salon alone rather than at home, others are formulated to be used alongside the rest of your normal haircare routine. The No.9 is the brand’s very first leave-in serum and is supercharged with the same bond-repairing technology featured throughout the rest of the lineup. Its protective covering makes this one of the best hair growth tools especially if you live in a city with high pollution levels.

Patricks The Thickening Set

Product image from Patrick’s Products

The Patricks product line may officially be designed for men but it’s a hidden gem in the haircare world that women can just as easily reap the benefits from. Both the SH1 Daily Thickening Shampoo and its matching conditioner come stuffed to the brim with hair-loving ingredients, specifically designed to ease any effects of hair loss while simultaneously stimulating hair growth.

The long list of (natural) ingredients tackles hair from all angles, including Coffea Arabica Caffeine, which extends the anagen hair-growth phase, Ginkgoacea Ginko Bilboa, which protects the scalp from environmental stressors and promotes blood flow and Rosmarinus Officianalis Rosemary, which increases blood circulation.

3 More Inches LifeSaver Ultra Intense Pre-wash Treatment

Product image from Amazon

Search the internet long enough for hair growth ideas and you’ll find the “conditioner before shampoo” argument. Whether you’ve tried it yourself or prefer to stick firmly to a traditional route, you’ll want something nourishing and calming pre-shampoo if you’re focusing on hair growth.

3 More Inches does exactly what its name suggests with its LifeSaver Ultra Intense Pre-wash Treatment: essentially gearing your hair up to be washed by coating it with a subtle, soft formula that keeps every strand in prime condition. This professional, silicone-free treatment is rich in cashmere proteins that repair and recondition hair with less shrinkage, less breakage and less splitting. Soak for 45 minutes pre-washing for impossibly soft – yet strong – hair.

Lee Stafford Hair Growth Activation Shampoo

Product image from Boots

Lee Stafford is proof you don’t need to spend a fortune on hair growth products and the Hair Growth Activation Shampoo is one of the best in the business. You’ll fall in love with this shampoo for its delicious smell and its soft, creamy formula that almost seems to sink into the hair.

While it encourages hair growth from the moisturising formula, it also provides a cleansing wash that gently removes build up, while encouraging length and strength. Its blend of growth-boosting proteins come combined with Lemon Essence and Green Tea Extract and the whole line is vegan and cruelty free.

Watermans Grow Me Hair Growth Shampoo

Product image from Boots

Watermans Grow Me Hair Growth Shampoo is one of the most versatile hair growth formulas out there, designed for all hair types including European, African, Asian, Latin and Middle Eastern hair. Proof that good things come in small packages, you’ll only need to apply a small amount of Watermans shampoo each time you use it, thanks to its easy-to-apply formula and jam-packed nutrients list.

This luxury shampoo smells as good as it feels and features a mix of natural ingredients and clinically-proven ingredients to encourage healthy hair growth. It’s designed to be used between four and five times a week but, if you wash your hair less regularly, pair with the Grow More Elixir for all of the benefits with less blow-drying time involved.

Kérastase Elixir Ultime L’Original Hair Oil

Product image from Look Fantastic

If the fast results from Kérastase’s Elixir Ultime L’Original Hair Oil don’t win you over, its salon-fresh smell will. Designed to cheer up locks that may have already faced a little damage, this thick, nourishing hair oil wastes no time digging deep under the surface to tackle splitting from within.

You’ll only need a single pump per usage (unless you have incredibly long, thick hair – in which case, this guide probably isn’t for you anyway) and, once you’ve incorporated it into your weekly routine, you’ll never finish styling your hair without it again. Best of all, it moisturises hair without leaving any kind of greasy effect: long, glossy locks are coming your way.

VENN Synbiotic Polyamine Shampoo

Product image from Liberty London

Use VENN’s Synbiotic Polyamine Shampoo and you’ll feel a little more put-together in the morning before you’ve even reaped the benefits of its hair growth results. A little goes a long way with this nourishing shampoo so, while its 400ml bottle may not look like a lot for £49, you’ll only use a tiny amount per hair wash.

The strong minty scent is just as delicious as it sounds, providing cool, clean and fresh-feeling locks no matter how long you’ve been avoiding hair-wash day. This low pH shampoo from South Korean skincare experts VENN is also antioxidant-filled, vegan and cruelty free. It makes good use of local Korean ingredients too like Yukmijihwang, a traditional Korean herbal formula, which soothes the scalp as well as pre- and probiotics derived from bamboo.

Umberto Giannini Grow Long Lengthening Conditioner

Product image from Boots

Another budget-friendly but no-less-impressive hair growth tool comes in the form of Umberto Giannini’s Grow Long Lengthening Conditioner. Invigorating caffeine and Black Coffee Seed Extract are mostly responsible for its effectiveness: ingredients that go into overdrive when paired with the rest of its growth-boosting vitamins and minerals.

This seriously hydrating bottle can be used as a wash-in, wash-out conditioner but also works just as well left to soak in for 30 minutes. Expect soft, swishy hair that smells just as amazing as it looks.


Taking the stress out of each step of the process, the Grow Gorgeous Intense Collection brings together everything you need for healthy, strong locks without having to figure out complementary products for the rest of your hair care routine. Buy the collection, follow as suggested and await swish-worthy locks.

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