A Dermatologist Tells Us How To Reduce Neck Wrinkles For Women Over 50

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Do not just stop your skincare regimen at your jawline. As we age, our necks also expose indicators of ageing and repeated UV publicity, so if far more youthful-searching pores and skin is a precedence for you, which include your neck into your skincare regimen is a sensible way to avoid wrinkles and aid minimize the wonderful lines you could have. 

“People at any age should really consider about skin treatment in sun exposed places, not just their faces,” Said Dr. Elaine F. Kung, a board-qualified skin doctor dependent out of New York Town and the founder of Future Vivid Dermatology. “Helpful skin treatment elements to prevent wrinkles on the face apply to the neck as properly. Frequently, neck creams may well be formulated in a thicker cream mainly because our neck skin is thinner and much more simply irritated than our cheek skin.”

In other phrases, those lotions that are specially for the neck space are NOT always a squander of funds, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they’re all equally productive. Dr. Kung describes which ingredients you should be on the lookout for in a high-quality topical therapy — as very well as the most effective in-business procedures for your neck that can enable if you are completely ready to get your anti-ageing regimen to a new level. 


Every single anti-growing older skincare discussion starts and finishes with this just one product: sunscreen with zinc and titanium oxide to assist avert strains and sagging (it is usually less complicated to avert a skin problem than to take care of it). “UV exposure breaks down collagen and elastin in skin that aid it keep restricted and agency,” Dr. Kung explained. “Once these fibers split down, the skin can loosen, slim, and wrinkle.” As you’re applying your SPF to your deal with, be positive to implement some to your neck, too. 


So, you have started included retinol into your nightly schedule? Amazing — but really don’t fail to remember to implement a skinny layer to your neck, as effectively. Retinol (a potent spinoff of vitamin A) has been scientifically confirmed to thicken each the epidermis and the dermis, in accordance to Dr. Kung — and it also stimulates the production of collagen and elastin inside the dermis, which contributes to a far more youthful-searching neck. 

Vitamin C

Retinol at evening, vitamin C in the morning — those people are two vital ingredients to accomplishing extra stunning pores and skin on your encounter AND neck. “Vitamin C is a cofactor in collagen synthesis,” Dr. Kung explained. “Its antioxidant qualities aid shield skin cells from sunshine and environmental damage.”

Other Effective Substances 

Now that you know about The Significant 3 skincare substances that can make a key change in your skin, in this article are 3 a lot more that are definitely really worth which include and applying to your neck, in accordance to Dr. Kung: 

  • Vitamin E works hand in hand with vitamin C, amplifying its antioxidant houses.

  • Peptides are amino acids utilized as building blocks for collagen production.

  • Hyaluronic Acid or PolyGlutamic Acid is a humectant that draws dampness from the air into the pores and skin, giving the skin an rapid thicker and healthier appearance by hydrating and plumping it up.

Topical Product or service Recommendations 

Some of Dr. Kung’s favorite skincare recommendations include things like: 

*** Revox™ Line Relaxer – Revision Skincare from facial area to decolletage or Nectifirm® Advanced | Revision Skincare® for men and women who actually believe that there’s a need to have for a separate neck cream.

*** Tripeptide-R Neck Repair | Neck Cream | SkinCeuticals

*** Confront & Neck Cream | State-of-the-art Reaction Intricate | Maya Chia

In-Workplace Procedures 


If you’ve been considering asking a dermatologist for a little bit much more of a skincare raise through an in-business technique, Dr. Kung states there are a range of in-workplace processes that can assistance stop and treat necklines.




Although Botox is frequently utilized in the forehead and about the eyes (crow’s toes) to quickly decrease the visual appeal of fantastic lines and wrinkles, Dr. Kung claims Botulinum toxin injections have also been revealed to make improvements to necklines and soften platysmal banding.



“Injection of dilute collagen-stimulating fillers such as Radiesse, Sculptra, or Bellafill can aid handle necklines by stimulating collagen production for the longevity of the filler particles in the pores and skin,” Dr. Kung said. The range of solutions you’ll will need and the value you’ll fork out will vary depending on your personal pores and skin requirements and in which you dwell.


Radiofrequency Microneedling


One more enjoyable in-business remedy, radiofrequency microneedling can market tissue mend, as well as, new hyaluronic acid and collagen creation, in accordance to Dr. Kung. “Lumenis TriFx RF Microneedling, InMode Morpheus 8, and Cutera Key RF are excellent gadgets that can assistance deal with necklines and tighten neck pores and skin,” Dr. Kung reported.


If you are looking for an in-place of work therapy, bear in mind to pay a visit to a board-certified skin doctor or plastic surgeon who has a lot of practical experience and can offer you a individualized prepare that realistically addresses your skincare targets.

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