43 Weird But Genius Beauty & Hair Products People Are Obsessed With On Amazon

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With the constant demands of our busy lives, finding ways to decompress and relax have become commonplace. Self-care has become synonymous with pampering, relaxation, and treating ourselves to bits of luxury — and for many people, that means stocking up on beauty products that make us feel our best. And these days, some of the best beauty products work in ways you wouldn’t quite expect but reap incredible results, like this list of weird but genius beauty and hair products that people are obsessed with on Amazon.

Keeping hair looking fresh in between visits to the salon just got easier thanks to multiple items on this list. If your roots need a quick touch-up, there’s a genius color-matching spray that will last until the next time you wash your hair. Is your hair looking dry and damaged? There’s a next-gen keratin hair mask treatment that will rejuvenate dull hair in three seconds flat. Elsewhere, you’ll find incredible beauty products you’ll wish you’d thought of yourself, like a lip exfoliator conveniently shaped like a lipstick bullet, and a mattifying face roller that doubles as a facial massager.

Not only will these fan-favorite, weird but genius beauty products up your self-care game, but you’ll probably have a lot of fun using them — and since they all cost under $45 on Amazon, you won’t have to break the bank to benefit from their amazing results.

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This Face Roller That Absorbs Excess Oil & Massages Your Skin

This face roller is made with a volcanic stone that naturally absorbs excess oil without disturbing your makeup, and feels like a blissful facial massage in the process. Unlike most oil blotting papers, this roller is reusable — just remove the stone and clean it with soap and water, then screw on the protective cap to keep it clean while you store it.


This Handheld Massager That Exfoliates Your Scalp While Shampooing

Use these silicone scalp scrubbers in the shower and experience ultimate bliss while shampooing your hair. Not only does it exfoliate your scalp, it helps provide a deeper clean by working your shampoo thoroughly into your scalp and hair. Plus, the long, rubbery bristles won’t tangle long hair.


This Brow Glue That Keeps Stray Hairs Locked In Place All Day

Keep eyebrows in place all day long with this brow glue from NYX. Not only does it keep eyebrows exactly where you want them, but it also lets you style them. Make them fuller and bushier one day, then sleek and shaped the next. Get up to 16 hours of wear out of this cruelty-free product.


This Microfiber Hair Turban That Speeds Up Drying Time

Change the way you dry your hair with this soft microfiber hair turban. This material can absorb up to 10 times its weight in water, making it much more efficient than traditional terry cloth. Despite this hair towel being incredibly absorbent, it is still lightweight, so it won’t bog down your head, and the turban-like shape means it won’t slip off. Each order comes with two towels.


This Color-Matching Spray To Give Your Roots A Quick Touch-Up

Save time and money with this convenient hair-coloring spray from L’Oreal. This temporary color spray is a perfect solution if your grown-out roots need a quick touch-up between salon visits to your colorist. No need to worry about the color fading during the day as you go about your business; the color will last until the next time you wash your hair.


A Hydrocolloid Acne Patch That Heals & Flattens Pimples Overnight

Stop blemishes in their tracks with these award-winning pimple patches. These small, round zit stickers are formulated to absorb impurities from spots overnight. The adhesive patches will withstand any tossing and turning that may happen while you’re sleeping; but since they’re totally invisible, you can also wear them discreetly during the day.


A Classic Cream That Strengthens Nails & Conditions Cuticles

Get stronger nails with this nail strengthening lotion, which has been a fan-favorite for decades. This incredible cream also doubles as a conditioner for cuticles by nourishing them with a potent blend of ingredients, like coconut oil, jojoba oil, retinol, and silk proteins. With continued use, your nails will no longer chip, break, or split.


This Brush That Simultaneously Dries & Styles Hair

Save time styling your hair with this cult-classic, three-in-one hot brush. This revolutionary styling brush dries, volumizes, and smooths your hair with a single pass. It comes with three heat settings for compatibility with all hair types, while the unique head shape and bristle design ensures smooth, silky-soft hair. With a 4.6-star overall average out of over 319,000 ratings total, this is one of the most popular hair styling tools of all time.


These Telephone Cord Hair Ties That Won’t Crease Your Hair

Help prevent damage to hair thanks to these plastic spiral hair ties. Though you may not initially think a hair tie designed to look like a telephone cord would be good for your hair, these actually are: They have no metal clasp or elastic, both of which can tug, crease, and damage your hair. Each pack comes with eight spiral ties that look equally cute worn around your wrist as they do tied around your hair.


A Pro-Favorite Treatment That Repairs Damaged Hair

This hair repairing treatment from Olaplex has long been a favorite among professional hair stylists for rebuilding broken bonds at a molecular level. Apply this creamy treatment to damp hair, starting at the root and working the product completely through the strands all the way to the ends. For optimal results, use this hair treatment two to three times a week if your hair is very damaged, or once a week for maintenance.


This Gentle Hairbrush That Easily Detangles Hair Without Tugging

Keep the pain away from knotted hair with this fan-favorite detangling brush. This brush is purposely designed to prevent split ends and gently undo knots instead of ripping through them. Unlike the typical hair brush, these firm bristles separate hair strands to the side as opposed to the usual downward motion. The design is the key to its effectiveness — and with 33,600 five-star ratings and reviews, Amazon customers confirm that it really works.


This Genius Tool That Painlessly Removes Unwanted Facial Hair

Use this cult-favorite hair remover to get rid of unwanted facial hairs with no pain whatsoever. It’s lightweight and about the size of a lipstick bullet, so it’s easy to hold and can target small areas of your face, like the upper lip, chin, and cheeks. “This product is truly a life changer for me,” one reviewer raved. “With the Finishing touch my face feels so soft and only took about 2 minutes! I would definitely recommend this product to anyone!”


A Popular Vitamin C Serum That Brightens & Smooths Your Skin

This vitamin C serum is formulated with power-packed ingredients like vitamin C, vitamin E, witch hazel, and jojoba oil, to brighten, moisturize, and rejuvenate your skin with a few drops each day. Over 58,200 customers left a five-star rating or review on this serum, making it one of Amazon’s most popular vitamin C serums — and at under $20, one of their most affordable.


This Brilliant Hair Treatment That Softens Hair In Seconds Flat

Rejuvenate dull, dry, and damaged hair with this genius, fast-acting hair treatment from L’Oreal. Using this miracle product is easy: After rinsing out your shampoo, thoroughly apply the product from your mid-shafts to ends, in place of your conditioner, then rinse it out after just eight seconds. You’ll be left with shinier, smoother, and more manageable hair, no matter your hair type or thickness.


A Multitasking Mist That Strengthens, Smooths, & Protects Hair

This leave-in hair mist really gives you a bang for your buck with the variety of benefits you get with this one spray. This miracle spray protects hair from heat damage, offers additional shine, moisturizes, detangles, and more. Simply spray the product on damp hair before styling and enjoy gorgeous results.


A Spa-Quality Jade Roller & Gua Sha Set Made Of Rose Quartz

This rose quartz facial roller and gua sha tool will enhance any daily skincare routine. After washing your face and using toner, apply your favorite moisturizer, oil, or serum and gently massage the product into your skin with either tool. For an added refreshing experience, place the tools in the refrigerator temporarily for a cooling effect when applied to the skin.


A Scalp Treatment That Reinvigorates Dry, Itchy Skin

This scalp treatment provides a refreshing experience for dry, itchy, or dandruff-prone scalps. It’s formulated with botanical ingredients like peppermint, witch hazel, and tea tree oil to bring relief to dry, irritated skin. You’ll feel it working by the instant, refreshing tingling sensation on your scalp. It’s also safe to use for all types of hair.


This Simple Tool That Helps You Style Your Hair Multiple Ways

This multifunctional hair styling tool comes with two small and two large pieces in each pack. Easily style your hair into braids, twists, looped ponytails, and more with this versatile tool. The looped end is made of a flexible and bendable plastic, while the angled straight end maneuvers the tool through hair to style as desired.


An Exfoliating Body Scrub Made With Himalayan Salt & Lychee Oil

This pink Himalayan body scrub gently sloughs away dull, dead skin cells, revealing the glowier, softer skin underneath. It’s also infused with lychee and sweet almond oils for added nutrients and moisture. “After one use my arms are already so much smoother!” one reviewer raved. “I’ve tried lotions, creams and sugar scrubs for the little keratosis pilaris bumps on my arms and nothing has worked like this! My arms are so smooth now. It’s fantastic!”


A Spray Bottle That Continually Mists For Easy Use

This reusable aerosol misting spray bottle has numerous uses that make it a super affordable, long-term investment for your beauty routine and beyond. For just a few ideas, you can use it for hair products or facial toner; as a mister to simplify the process of watering your house plants; or to spray freshening mists to spruce up rooms in your house. One feature that sets this spray bottle apart from others is that it will keep working even upside-down.


A Brilliant Hair Tool That Creates The Perfect Beachy Waves Every Time

Simplify the process of achieving beachy waves with this ceramic deep waving hair tool. The specially designed waved barrels do all the work for you; no curling, twisting, or twirling necessary. Simply section off your hair, place the sections between the iron’s two clamps, and release. Amazingly, there are 30 heat settings that accommodate all types of hair.


These Korean Shower Mitts That Exfoliate Rough, Bumpy Skin

These exfoliating shower mitts are an excellent way to give yourself silky, smooth, and touchable skin — you’ll even see the dead skin sloughing off your skin. “They’ve completely, TOTALLY changed my skin!” wrote one happy reviewer. “You’ll be SHOCKED and maybe even a little disgusted when you see how much skin comes off on these gloves the first time you use them.” These can also double as gloves to apply at-home tanning lotions to protect your hands.


A Genius Hot Tool That Can Both Straighten & Curl Your Hair

This two-way styling hair iron gives you the option to either straighten or curl your hair, thanks to its dual-shaped clamps — one is straight and flat, and the other is rounded. The ceramic floating plates ensure that hair won’t get caught on their edges. It’s also designed with temperature memory, so it will automatically heat to your specifically chosen heat setting each time you turn it on.


This Keratin Hair Mask That Treats Hair In Just 3 Seconds

This salon-quality keratin hair treatment works to repair hair in just three seconds and only one use. Each single-use tube contains a blend of hydrolyzed silk, hydrolyzed keratin, hydrolyzed collagen, ceramides, and panthenol, which all work to repair damaged hair from the inside out and encourage better moisture retention for long-term results.


These Glide-On Eyeshadow Sticks Available In Several Metallic Shades

This six-pack of waterproof eyeshadow sticks offers long-lasting wear time to get you through your day with no problem. Glide the eyeshadow on your lid in one smooth swipe without any clumps or smudges to worry about. Use the smudging brush on the other end of each stick to build up color, add dimension, and blend out the color seamlessly.


This Deep-Conditioning Temporary Hair Dye For A Low-Commitment Color Change

This temporary hair dye lets you easily change your hair color without the long-term commitment, or refresh your existing color between salon visits. Made with ingredients like coconut oil, keratin, and jojoba oil, it works overtime as a deep conditioner. Choose from 19 color options.


These Snap Bands That Create A Perfect French Twist

Save time with these super simple hair bands to effortlessly create perfect buns and French twists within seconds. Never again worry about using countless bobby pins and hair ties to try and secure your bun in place.


A 42-Piece Set Of Bendable Foam Rollers That Curl Hair Without Heat

These flexible foam hair rollers are a great heat-free alternative to using a curling iron. This set includes rollers in six different thicknesses to suit different hair types and your preferred curl size. When hair is still wet or damp, section and secure it with the rollers, then leave your hair to set once it dries. If you need instant results, you can use a blow dryer to speed up the process. The flexible material lets you secure each roller without any additional tools.


This Classic Facial Toner Made With Nourishing Coconut Water

A drugstore classic, Thayers’ alcohol-free facial toner isn’t harsh on your skin — rather, it’s made with gentle ingredients like coconut water, witch hazel, and aloe vera that hydrate and nourish your skin, not strip it dry. It’s a foolproof choice for all skin types, including sensitive skin.


A 5-Pack Of Hand Masks To Plump & Moisturize Dry Skin

These moisturizing hand masks are an easy way to renew dry and flaky hands. Each pair of gloves is soaked in a serum containing a blend of ingredients like olive fruit extract, lemon extract, and grape extract that work to plump and deeply moisturize your hands. “I had eczema on my hands, itchy, cracked and sore,” one reviewer wrote. “[…] After one use of the hand peel mask, the splits and cracks healed up! My hands don’t hurt anymore. After the 2nd use, I can’t even see visible signs of rash or splits. I am so happy with this product!”


These Exfoliating Fool Masks For A Spa-Quality Foot Peel At Home

Use these lavender-scented exfoliating foot masks to easily get rid of rough patches and stubborn callouses. Each pack comes with two sets of foot masks, accommodating women’s feet up to size 13 and men’s up to size 12. There is no need to use pumice stones or other scrubbing tools after using the foot peel; dead skin will naturally fall away after use, leaving it baby-soft.


These Under Eye Patches Made With Rejuvenating 24K Gold

This pack of 24k gold eye masks come with five pairs of patches. If you got a rough night’s sleep, or have a big event you want to look extra fresh for, apply these masks under your eyes for 10 to 15 minutes and watch the magic happen. The collagen blends hydrates, firms, and brightens your delicate under-eye area to make you look more awake and refreshed.


A Lip Exfoliator Conveniently Shaped Like A Lipstick Bullet

This lip exfoliator effortlessly sloughs away dead skin cells, and the lipstick-like shape makes application a breeze (and less messy than a pot). Made from a blend of vitamin E, avocado, grape, and jojoba oils, and sugar as the exfoliating agent, this exfoliating stick is gentle yet effective. Apply in small, circular motions and then wipe off with a cotton pad or microfiber towel. Lock in hydration with a moisturizing lip balm.


This Ice Roller With So Many Benefits For Your Skin

This ice roller has so many benefits. When you feel a migraine or headache starting to form, this tool can provide cool and soothing relief for the pain. It can also be used to reduce puffiness anywhere on your face (including your under-eyes), or provide general tightening, smoothing, and rejuvenating effects on your complexion.


A Foot Salve That Prevents Blisters & Painful Chafing

Easily glide this anti-blister foot balm on to the backs of your feet and heels to prevent skin being rubbed raw when you’re wearing uncomfortable shoes, or going sockless. The design makes it look like deodorant stick, but a non-greasy blend of vitamin E, allantoin, and moisture-wicking ozokerite creates a smooth glide to prevent blisters and chafing. It’s great if you need to break in a new pair of shoes or if you’re going to be walking a lot.


A Silicone Facial Scrub Brush That Offers A Deep, Thorough Clean

Use this silicone cleansing facial brush to really get into those pores for a deep and noticeable clean. The back of the brush has a unique design that allows you to grip the cleaning pad for better control and no slipping. Use the exfoliating brush in circular motions with your choice of face wash for best results.


This Triple-Barrel Curling Iron That Instantly Creates Soft, Bouncy Curls

Create beautifully soft, curled waves with this three-barreled curling iron. The process of getting those gorgeous, bouncy waves is simplified thanks to the clamping design of the barrels. Each barrel is coated in ceramic, allowing it to get hot rapidly and prevent unwanted frizz.


These Moisturizing Gel Socks For Your Heels

This overnight, intensive foot repair kit will make your heels silky-smooth and feel brand new. Each pack comes with one pair of heel socks, along with a healing ointment for your feet. These are powerful enough to even help heal cracked soles and heels. Expect to see results after one night of use.


A Foaming Bubble Bath Infused With Epsom Salts & Lavender For Relaxation

Feel the calm wash over you with this bath foam. The mixture of essential oils, Epsom salt, and lavender will soothe achy muscles and transform a normal bath into a luxuriously relaxing experience. This bath foam will stay bubbly longer than other brands, letting you enjoy your relaxation time longer.


A Hair Chalk Comb That Temporarily Changes Your Hair Color

If you want to experiment with fun and nontraditional hair colors, try this temporary hair chalk comb to switch things up. Each comb easily fits in the palm of your hand, making it easy to grip the handle to apply the colored chalk to sectioned hair. All colors of the rainbow are available.


These Disposable Makeup Towels Made Of 100{5c5ba01e4f28b4dd64874166358f62106ea5bcda869a94e59d702fa1c9707720} Biodegradable Material

These large, disposable makeup wipes are made of completely biodegradable rayon fabric, so you can toss them in the trash without the guilt. Use plain water or your preferred facial cleanser on the towel to thoroughly remove makeup and other impurities from your face.


This Lip Mask That Deeply Conditions Your Lips Overnight

This overnight lip mask is formulated with natural ingredients like coconut oil, jojoba oil, and shea butter that deeply moisturize dry, chapped lips. This thick, rich balm absorbs into your lips quickly and stays on all night, resulting in smooth, beautiful lips the next morning (without making a mess on your pillow).


An Electric Pedicure Tool That Removes Calluses & Dry Skin

Get the perfect pedicure with this electric foot file. This foot file comes with two tool heads; one that is coarse and is meant to slough away calluses and dry patches, and a finer one for polishing at the end. The wand is specifically designed to easily maneuver around the contours of your foot.

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