12 Trending front hairstyles for girls with short, medium and long hair

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Need a little pick-me-up? Or just plain bored with the same-old-same-old? Hey, whatever it is – the answer is a haircut! Sometimes, getting your lovely locks a new look is the best way to spend a little me-time and get that much-needed salon therapy.

So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and treat yourself to any one of these trending front hairstyles for girls.

Front Hairstyles For Girls

Classy Front Haircuts For Short Hair

woman with short hair
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Sassy and low-maintenance – what better combo than that right? If you’re ready to rock that short hairdo, check out these styles!

1. Blunt Bangs With Short Bob

woman with short hair and bangs
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Taylor swift made major headlines when she went for a cropped look with straight-cut bangs back in 2016, forever adding this look to our list of timeless classics! Get your bangs styled to ever-so-gently graze your eyebrows.

This front haircut for girls works best if you’re among the lucky ones with luscious locks. Plus, it’s easy to maintain and is great for covering up a wide forehead.

2. Curtain fringes with a messy shaggy hairdo

women with curtain fringe haircut
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If effortlessly cool is your style, this front haircut for girls is sure to become your all-time-fave. It’s super easy to maintain and style and so boho-chic – what’s not to love about this look?

Curtain fringes are just the best if you’ve got wavy hair. But if you do think that your hair suffers from bouts of dryness, use an anti-frizz serum before blow-drying to get the look you want.

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3. Pixie cut

women with short pixie hair
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Let’s get one thing straight! Whoever says pixie cuts are too tomboyish has no idea what they’re talking about. There’s literally no hairdo that’s easier to maintain than the pixie. Shape it with a thin headband for a practical office look or do a simple side sweep if you want something bolder.

4. Curly shag bob

women with curly shag bob cut
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A little less fussy than a deva cut, the curly shag is a winning combo of wispy bangs and curly layers. It’s playfully fun and feminine making this look so alluring!

If you’ve got natural curls, this cut is nice and easy if you want a front haircut for girls that grow out gracefully. You don’t need a lot of product to maintain this look, but investing in a good curl cream is great for drawing out the curls.

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Stylish Front Haircut for Girls with Medium-length hair

women with medium-length hair
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The middle-length hairstyles suits almost any face shape! Elevate your front haircut with these trending mid-length styles.

5. Side-swept front fringes

woman with side-swept fringe cut
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An oldie but a goodie, side-swept bangs are great for making your face look narrower. It’s the go-to look if you want girl-next-door vibes.

The tricky thing about side-swept bangs is that they do require more upkeep with frequent salon trips. If you’ve got hin hair, using a volumizer can go a long way in keeping your fringes looking salon-fresh.

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6. Face-framing layers

blonde woman with face-framing curly hair
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Who says layers aren’t for curly hair? Face framing tendrils are perfectly placed at chin-neck length to bring out your best features.

The best part about this front haircut for girls is that it’s so hard to go wrong with this look. Plus, it grows out nicely, so you won’t need too many visits to the salon for trims.

7. Long bob with highlights

women with long bob haircut
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Slick and simple, the lob (short for long bob) is just the look to fit all occasions. Style this hairdo with a Balayage or highlights for a chic affair. If you’re feeling extra frisky, dip dye highlights in a fiery colour will look awesome!

If you do get a Balayage or dip-dye highlights, give the ends a little touch of the curling iron in high heat to achieve messy waves.

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8. Bottleneck bangs

lily collins with bottleneck fringes
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Let’s face it – it’s hard not to love this look!

Bottleneck bangs start short in the centre and get longer and curvier around the eyes, eventually ending in a chin-grazing layer. Whether you want to let your hair down, have it tied up in a pony or don a messy bun for the day, be assured that your bangs will be the highlight!

Front haircuts for girls with long hair

woman with wavy long hair
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With long hair comes lots of options for styling! Try out these front haircuts for girls with long hair and unlock the potential of your lock!

9. Descending Face-Framing Layers

woman with layered long hair
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An update on The Rachel, face-framing layers on long hair is quite gradual. You could leave it plain and simple or add a subtle balayage to bring more volume.

Descending layers are bolder on the front so they are quite deceptive. If you want to cut your hair and keep it too, this front haircut for girls is ideal!

10. Slanted or anled fringe

woman with thick angled fringe
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An angled or slanted fringe is an all-season haircut for a younger look. It looks good on square faces. It’s more pronounced than side-swept bangs and you could get it short if you don’t have a wide forehead.

The best thing about this hairdo is that it’s a long-hair exclusive i.e. it looks good only if you’ve got long hair. Using a bit of hairspray can make it easier to maintain a consistent look.

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11. See through Bangs

korean woman with see-through bangs
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A K-Drama favourite, see-through bangs are like the extra version of wispy fringes. It works best on oval faces and thin hair.

It’s easy to mess this look up if you’re not careful because it’s simply not as effortless as it looks. Make sure you go to a trusted hairdresser to perfect this edgy look.

12. Front cut

woman with front fringes
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A classic for round or square-shaped faces, the parted front flicks on this cut give a chic vibe. It works well for both straight and wavy hair.

Style this look with a sky-high pony or a double ponytail for more volume. If you leave your hair down often, choppy layers or long layers can add some chunk.

The Bottomline

Getting a new haircut is daunting but oh-so-exciting! Whether you’re looking for a dramatic change to shock the Insta-fam or you’re simply due for a trim, don’t be afraid to experiment! Try the trendy front haircuts for girls and let us know which one was your favourite.

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