The embattled congressman owns up to his skin care regimen.

Robert Hundley

Over the past month or so, quite a few of us have invested hrs gazing upon the encounter of George Santos. The serial fabulist and new Republican congressman from Extended Island has attracted a large amount of media interest because of to the sheer quantity and audacity of his various scams, so his pouty mug has been all above news internet sites, tv, and social media feeds.

As we have pored about these unlimited photos of Santos all around the Capitol, often looking contemplative and lonely but occasionally hoping to wedge his way into the great insurrection-curious group in Congress, a few of us have wondered one factor: What the hell is this dude undertaking to his skin?

It’s easy, it is plump, it is radiant—it’s remarkably wrinkle-cost-free for a guy who is, he claims, 34 decades old. But now, many thanks to a surreptitiously taped audio clip posted by Speaking Details Memo on Thursday, we now know what I experienced very confidently suspected: It is Botox.

In the dialogue, which was taped and leaked by Derek Myers—a man who volunteered for Santos’s congressional office environment in January—Myers says he himself pays $100 for Botox injections in Bogota, fairly than pay back $400 for the remedy in the U.S.

“I invest a ton additional than that on Botox,” Santos replies, “but I trust the people today.”

Was Myers baiting Santos into admitting he gets Botox? Possibly! Myers is a nearby information reporter from Ohio who became semi-popular for dealing with wiretapping charges after he published some secretly recorded audio from a murder trial. So it is reasonable to suppose, as Santos obviously must have, that this person has an actively operating tape recorder on his human being at all occasions.

At any amount, Santos could be lying about his pores and skin-care routine, just as he’s fabricated just about every single other line in his biography. But what motive would he have to pretend he spends a large amount of cash injecting neurotoxins into his deal with? Why would he concoct a faux tale to make himself feel extra vain and less normally beautiful than he genuinely is?

When persons lie about Botox, it is typically the reverse predicament: They’ve had it, but they say they have not. I’m inclined to imagine that if something walks like a duck (has no wrinkles) and quacks like a duck (is suspiciously “glow-y”), and goes on to determine itself to Derek Myers as a duck, it is most likely a duck (Botox).

The one suspicious element of Santos’s assert is the $400+ Botox pricing. We know he enjoys to make purchases that overall precisely $199.99, which just so transpires to be a single cent beneath the threshold for campaign bills that should be documented with itemized receipts. If he have been a little bit savvier, he may possibly have figured out a way to make his treatment plans incorporate up to his preferred sum, and maybe get them covered by marketing campaign donations, also.

Possibly way, the ascent of the gay millennial Botox Republican who bonds with staffers over their respective injectables routines feels like the dawn of a new era of shamelessness in Congress. Immediately after all, it is no trouble to be hounded by reporters about your fraudulent funds when the facial area they are capturing on digital camera is pristine.

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