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This 12 months 5 trillion plastic bags will be used. That is 160,000 a second!

If you line them up a person after the other, they will go all around the entire world 7 occasions every single hour and will deal with an spot two times the dimensions of France. Never get too shocked nevertheless, as we have only described plastic baggage so significantly and there is much more to the plastic menace than you can picture.

Consider this: a global study points out that 79 for every cent of the complete plastics created globally enter our atmosphere as squander. While out of this, just 9 for every cent is recycled. Let us now chat about us.

India’s contribution in plastic waste technology is humungous—3.3 million metric tonnes for every calendar year. Even this can be an underestimated determine, and its only developing. Soon after using its hazardous outcomes into cognizance, it gets to be evident that plastic squander is a formidable environmental challenge which cannot be ignored for extended.

While there are quite a few ongoing around the world initiatives that have been undertaken to deal with this challenge, biopolymers have emerged as one particular of the sustainable and greener means to substitute solitary-use plastics.

“The real environmentally friendly and sustainable alternative for the marketplace is to get a leap from recyclable plastic and shift towards bio-compostable plastic which will dissolve in the soil to make a strong optimistic impression on plastic squander management as very well as on plastic contribution in the landfills,”

claims Mukul Sareen, Director of Enterprise Growth at the Hello-Tech Group.

Sareen’s business is the first enterprise in the country to manufacture a plant-based biopolymer – Dr. Bio – which can be applied to substitute solitary-use and multi-use plastic merchandise this kind of as bottles, straws, cups, disposable cutlery, polybags, and many others. with bio-compostable plastic merchandise. It has been authorised by the Institute of Petrochemicals Know-how (formerly identified as—Central Institute of Petrochemicals Engineering & Technologies).

At a time when India is seeking to impose a prohibition on single-use plastic things by 2022, merchandise manufactured of Hello-Tech International’s Dr. Bio seem to be to be a practical possibility. Consequently, uniquely positioning them to redefine and completely transform the plastic market and steer it in direction of adopting sustainable bio-compostable plastics. Chatting to SME Futures, Sareen solutions some pertinent queries on Dr. Bio and elaborates on how they can act as an agent of transform for curbing the manufacture and use of one-use and multi-use plastic solutions.

Why do we require biopolymers?

Since India’s recycling is not helpful, states Sareen.

Urban India generates all around 62 million tons of municipal solid squander (MSW) yearly, and this will arrive at 165 million tons in 2030. Out of this, only about 43 million tons of MSW is collected annually, out of which 31 million is dumped in landfill sites and just 11.9 million is treated.

Contrary to the composition of squander in western nations, the bulk of India’s squander is organic and natural which signifies that there is a tremendous opportunity to compost it. Nonetheless, this waste finishes up in the landfills and ends up polluting the land and ground water.

“The regular techniques of recycling are not that efficient. For illustration, there is a limit to recycling paper and every kg of paper works by using 70 litres of h2o to recycle, which is counterproductive. Similarly, the system of recycling aluminium and recyclable plastic has large upfront money expenses and these procedures themselves are unhygienic and unsafe. Even the recycled products and solutions are not of a pretty higher excellent,” he describes.

But making use of Dr. Bio merchandise can convey about improve and they can change solitary-use plastic products and solutions.

“Our eyesight has generally been to improve sustainability and to foresee industry trends and the long run environmental restrictions. Additionally, our motivation toward sustainability is oriented to cut down the greenhouse gases impact, minimise our dependence on fossil oil derivatives, encourage the use of renewable energies and to cut down the plastic squander in the natural environment. Dr. Bio is a further innovation from our stable, which is a testomony to our vision and values. Our bio polymers are produced from corn starch in the agriculture prosperous region of Punjab and are available in 45 nations,” Sareen tells us.

At the same time, plastics price the economic climate dearly. Most plastic packaging is used only after (single-use products) and 95 per cent of the benefit of the product is thus dropped, with a world wide financial charge of US$80-$120 billion every year or Rs 10,000 crores yearly. Which can be saved if biopolymers turn into popular.

How will this choose location?

Dr. Bio is India’s only compostable polymer, which means that plastic produced from it will disintegrate after 12 weeks and biodegrade entirely right after 6 months.

“Which usually means that by then 90 per cent or a lot more of the plastic would have been transformed to CO2. The remainder is converted into h2o and biomass, neither of which incorporates any plastic. There must be no heavy metals or harmful substances remaining guiding,” he elaborates.

Outlining the science at the rear of it, Sareen informs us that biopolymers replace fossil carbon in the generation procedure with renewable carbon from biomass. “This is indispensable for a sustainable, climate-pleasant plastics sector. The next edge is that they are biodegradable (relying on the ecosystem) and can thus be a resolution for plastics that simply cannot be gathered. This final results in the elimination of micro plastics from our environment,” he avers.

And that’s how goods produced from biopolymers are going to assist in curbing plastic air pollution.

Inside article-Dr. Bio-Plastic made from starch to tackle single-use plastic menace in India

Much more than an innovation

Dr Bio compostable biopolymers are generated employing the Hi-Tech Group’s proprietary F2F Approach.

In this system, biodegradable polymer, purely natural polymers, natural and inorganic components are reactively blended in the presence of proprietary plasticizers, compatibilizers and polymer modifiers. Which creates bio plastics and compostable polymer resins that show environmentally pleasant, sustainable, well balanced and steady chemistry.

In addition to that, Dr. Bio polymer resins are available in several grades customised for a large variety of applications this kind of as film extrusion, extrusion coating, injection moulding and rigid, engineered plastics, paper like films, straw/pipe, filament extrusion and so forth.

“Dr. Bio biopolymer resins are engineered for guaranteeing sustainability, which is obtained through its significant efficiency, its simplicity of processing, its lower value, and its flexibility to use on common and modern extruders without any transform in machines requirements,” claims Sareen.

Moreover that, there’s a lot more to the solution, as it has lots of unique selling factors.

1 of its 1st USPs is its sensible price tag. According to a market site, it was outlined as Rs 261 per kg for industrial use.

For producing Dr. Bio, the only uncooked product needed is corn starch, which can be conveniently procured from farmers. “With our unique Farm to Polymer model, we are performing carefully with farmers to procure and safe our very refined corn starch materials and other necessary biomass inputs. The supplies are assured even if we 10X our output potential than what we have today,” asserts Sareen.

Also, the producing procedure of Dr. Bio utilises renewable feedstocks these as corn, sugarcane, and algae in its place of petroleum. “Thereby lowering worldwide dependence on crude oil and lessening the impact on the local climate,” suggests Sareen.

Besides that, India’s plastic intake is soaring in an unprecedented manner. Having notice of it, the government is having important actions in the direction of regulating plastic production and plastic waste in the region. In simple fact, the overall market place surroundings continues to be demanding with lower crude oil charges (an crucial plastic producing component) and some political guidance. This encourages the manufacture and need for biopolymer based mostly plastic products and solutions, thinks Sareen.

“Government initiatives persuade the use of Dr. Bio. The CPCB has built mandatory guidelines to make sure that only the on-line accredited producers can market the compostable items. The exams are done at the Governing administration Laboratory at CIPET. Nonetheless, only a few states like Maharashtra, Kerala and Tamil Nadu have enforced the obligatory usage of compostable luggage in the place. The typical adopted by India is ISO/IS 17088 for the validation of polymers or for the luggage that are compostable and specifies the strategies and needs for the identification and labelling of plastics, and the products manufactured from plastics, that are suited for restoration by way of cardio composting,” he remarks.

It took years to establish Dr. Bio

Sareen tells us that there’s an exciting tale behind Dr. Bio’s innovation.

He tells us that their company, which was founded by Jasbeer Sareen, his father in 1982, has often been in the production of standard plastics. However, now managed by the two sons—Sidharth and Mukul Sareen (himself), the firm has steadily moved to generating polymers, anti-corrosion merchandise and several much more these kinds of goods.

Although they experienced a knack for innovation in the subject of sustainability, they never ever really assumed about operating on plant-dependent polymers to begin with. But it was a concern questioned by his son that sowed the seeds for Dr. Bio.

Sareen tells us, “Way back in 2015, my son the moment requested me about the United Nations sustainability goals and what we have been accomplishing for the environment…This gave us some meals for thought. And that was the time when my brother Sidharth and I begun thinking about performing an innovation in the spot of sustainability.”

Then in 2016, the concept for producing polymers, movies and items that could be utilised in programs to exchange regular plastics, clicked for them, “We commenced R&D and enhancement in 2016-17, and it began shaping up as Dr. Bio in 2018. It took all around 3-4 many years for the overall process starting off from strategy inception to product validations and approvals by governing administration bodies,” recalls Sareen.

Now, besides manufacturing polymers and having 600 corrosion avoidance merchandise in its portfolio, Hi-Tech Global in its Ludhiana unit among many others is also producing biopolymers. “We have a blended ability of manufacturing 6,000 tonnes of the item every single yr,” informs Sareen.

On the other hand, biopolymers are still a specialized niche item

Despite the rising worldwide environmental recognition, bioplastics at present account for only about 1 for each cent or 3.8 million tonnes of the >360 million tons of plastics created each year, but with an annual growth of 20-30 for every cent.

But even nevertheless these figures are very low, Sareen is optimistic about their opportunity in the marketplace. He feels that due to the advancement of numerous varieties of state-of-the-art biopolymers and materials, lowered costs, rules and enhanced buyer awareness, the desire for them is rising.

“We have commercially launched Dr. Bio and some shoppers have acknowledged it. We are also exporting the biopolymers to Europe, the US, South The usa and South Africa. We have started off pitching our item to e-commerce firms also and so far, we have got excellent traction,” he informs us.

According to him, Hello-Tech’s worldwide partners positioned in 45 international locations have seen fantastic opportunity in their solution and are willing to devote in India for this engineering. It is because of the product’s variety, says Sareen.

The merchandise offered by the organization are applied in unique sectors and programs this sort of as packaging, residence textiles, appliances, plastic bottles, cards, apparel, new foodstuff packaging, folded cartons, mobile cellular phone conditions, services ware, lactides, polymers, polymer additives, nonwovens, adhesives, coatings, cosmetics, laptops, other resilient items, printing toners, and surfactants.

“Some providers have taken the initiative to not use classic plastics in their source chain. Dr. Bio polymers are steadily growing as an different to plastic. In fact, we have a single this sort of consumer who is experimenting with the merchandise for making use of it in the beverage marketplace,” he declares.

Growing with Dr. Bio

Sareen tells us that they have now started out mass creation of Dr Bio and are acquiring a variety of avenues to develop price in the supply chain with many organisations. In reality, its adaptability on existing plastics has also been recognized by means of rigorous trials that have been undertaken in the latest past.

On this Sareen comments, “This biopolymer has been located suitable to be applied in the manufacturing of numerous products and solutions, the place so much recyclable plastic was becoming utilised. Now, we are prospecting the items to many B2B and buyer-centered programs. We are also working on pilot a lot with various multi-countrywide organizations to integrate this as an choice know-how or solution stream as compared to what they have been employing so far i.e., recycled plastics.”

The upcoming of biopolymers seems brilliant

The planet is relocating in direction of sustainable methods and Dr. Bio is just a stage in direction of it. Sareen firmly thinks that their biopolymers are going to improve the way folks have been employing plastic.

“The industry outlook is incredibly good, and the upcoming seems very brilliant for Dr. Bio. In our endeavour, the governing administration insurance policies which are being framed are also giving a great possibility for Dr. Bio to develop in this domain. New legal guidelines are remaining produced for least thickness which will make it much more aggressive for thinner gauge Dr. Bio movies to be utilized,” claims Sareen.

Likely ahead, Sareen’s business is studying on various sorts of biopolymers, and they are presently performing on creating drinking water-soluble plastics. Talking about their study, Sareen informs us that his group is also operating on acquiring several moulds and dyes to make disposable cutlery. “We are also generating bottles and paper cups that are getting laminated with Dr. Bio. We have now created polymers for paper cups and bottles. All of these products of ours are becoming utilized internationally as nicely,” he suggests.

Together with this, Hello-Tech is achieving out to much more companies to make them aware about the benefits of biopolymers in excess of traditional polymers. The enterprise also aims to enter deeper into the existing marketplaces. On top of that, Hello-Tech is endeavouring to get to out to extra e-commerce providers and to the frozen foodstuff sector by connecting with the persons responsible for the packaging verticals of these companies. Going ahead, the corporation also wishes to develop a stable and resilient provide chain by specifically connecting with the corn farmers and starch companies. 

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