Rodan + Fields Has a New Hair Care Line

Robert Hundley

Rodan + Fields founders and dermatologists Katie Rodan, MD and Kathy Fields, MD have created a global community of skin-care aficionados, and now they’re expanding into a new category: hair care. Development for the new collection began in 2020, which is also when the brand enlisted the help of celebrity hairstylist Bridget Brager—her clients include Kristen Bell, Priyanka Chopra, Gwyneth Paltrow and more—with everything from key ingredients and packaging to marketing concepts and R+F Consultant education. Here, our exclusive interview with Drs. Rodan and Fields about the brand’s exciting new launch.

What inspired your launch into hair care?

Dr. Katie Rodan: “As practicing dermatologists, product developers and entrepreneurs, we saw a significant need in the marketplace for hair care that would not only give people the best-looking hair of their life from day one, but also have long-term benefits. In creating R+F Haircare, we stayed true to our heritage of getting to the root of the problem with a scalp-first approach. Above all else, we know that healthy hair needs a healthy scalp. Scalp is skin, and nobody knows skin like we do. Like skin, we know that how your hair looks impacts your confidence and we heard from customers and patients over and over again that this was an unmet need.”

Scalp care is so important! Tell me more.

Dr. Kathy Fields: “We are really proud to share something differentiated in the market: innovation that provides people with visible results both instantly and over time. The R+F Haircare collection applies our philosophy, of delivering the right ingredients, in the right formulations, in the right order, to truly get to the root cause and give your scalp the energy it needs to support healthier-looking, stronger and more beautiful hair. The collection features our proprietary RF TriEnergy Complex, which replenishes essential and energy-generating nutrients both instantly and over time. The products are also fortified with targeted ingredients like amino acids and silk peptides, which nourish roots, repair damage and protect color.”

What’s in the new collection? I see it’s split into two key categories, Volume and Smooth.

VOLUME+ Regimen (Shampoo, $44, Conditioner, $47, and Densifying+ Treatment, $63): These products give a thicker, more voluminous look to fine, flat hair, and also strengthens strands. Key ingredients include RF TriEnergy Complex (it helps strengthen the scalp’s natural skin barrier and boost scalp cell energy by 200 percent), amino acids, silk peptides, acetyl glutamine, and bio ceramide molecules.

SMOOTH+ Regimen (Shampoo, $44, Conditioner, $44, and Defrizz+ Oil Treatment, $63): This is for anyone experiencing dry, dull, frizzy or aging hair. Key ingredients include RF TriEnergy Complex, amino acids, silk peptides, hyaluronic acid, and rambutan seed extract.

Dr. Kathy Fields: “Each of our thoughtfully blended formulas are clinically tested, and we are incredibly proud of the results from both clinical and consumer testing. For VOLUME+, some highlights include: three times more volume after one use of the shampoo and conditioner, based on instrumental analysis; 100 percent of participants had more voluminous hair after four weeks; and 71 percent had stronger hair with less hair fall due to breakage after one use of the Regimen.

For SMOOTH+, some highlights include: 91 percent of participants said their hair looked less frizzy after one use, based on instrumental analysis; and 93 percent experienced humidity resistance up to 72 hours after one use of the Regimen, based on instrumental analysis at 80 percent relative humidity.”

I personally love the citrus-scented REFRESH+ Dry Shampoo ($39), which gives my hair a nice boost in volume and doesn’t leave behind a grimy residue that ends up weighing my hair down an hour later. Lastly, there is DEFINE+ Curl Cream ($39), which is formulated with hyaluronic acid, ceramides and shine-enhancing polymers to give curls definition, hydration and frizz-smoothing without extra weight.

Are there any plans to expand the collection?

Dr. Katie Rodan: “This is our first step into hair care, and we believe there’s a number of additional hair needs we can help solve and are actively working on future innovation. But, when it comes to launching new products, we set the bar high and will only bring to market products that will make a meaningful and demonstrable difference and prove that in clinical testing. We will not launch just to launch.”