Of The Highest-Rated Beauty Products On Amazon, These 30 Are The Best Bargains

Robert Hundley

There are countless ways to search and shop online, but one of my go-tos is perusing Amazon for the highest-rated version of whatever product I’m after. And yep, this strategy can be a game-changer for your beauty and self-care routine. If you’re after the best of the best when it comes to affordable beauty products, here’s a list of the highest-rated beauty products on Amazon, which are also great bargains.

So let’s say you’re interested in stocking up on some supplies, or perhaps want to refresh a couple products in an already-stocked makeup bag. Let’s also say that you want to do it from the comfort of your home, without spending a ton of money, and with confidence that you’re getting something that’ll do what you want it to do. This may sound like a tall order, but I’m happy to tell you that that’s exactly the sort of thing this list will help with.

Whether you want to snag a few lip colors and give some different looks a try, experiment with false lashes, or find a new moisturizer or serum to add to your skincare routine, you’ll find options here. And no worries if your goals aren’t that specific; if you’re in the mood to simply treat yourself (or a lucky friend or loved one), there’s ideas galore for that, too.


A Cute Mini Brush Set That’s Perfect for Travel

Not only does this adorable and condensed makeup brush set give you four unique brushes (for lips, eyeshadow, highlighter, and powder), but it features a built-in carrying case, so you can pop it into a drawer for easy storage, or into your purse or makeup bag for touch-ups on the go. It’s available in four colors.


A Holder For Beauty Sponges To Keep Them So Fresh & Clean

If you use a blender sponge, you might know the struggle that is sponge storage. Should it be loose with your other products? Inside a separate container? This sponge holder gives you the best of both worlds, providing space for one or two full-sized blenders, with strategic air holes so they can “breathe.” It’s made of lightweight, durable silicone, and comes in three colors.


This Game-Changing Face Oil That All Skin Types Can Enjoy

Not all face oils are created equal. Per the Sdara Skincare brand, marula oil is like “superfood for your skin,” and promises to hydrate, nourish, and brighten, plus it’s non-comedogenic. This single-ingredient oil is cold-pressed. Sdara Skincare also offers a vitamin C serum with hyaluronic acid, too, so you can try both or alternate between them.


A Conditioning Hair Dye In A Rainbow Of Colors

Whether you have colored hair you want to maintain, or have been wanting to experiment with new hues, take note of this hair dye “clenditioner.” It colors, cleanses, and conditions hair, leaving behind semi-permanent color you can build upon with each wash. Reviewers rave about using it to keep permanent dye jobs looking fresh, or trying it on its own.


This Set Of Reusable Eyelashes With All The Necessities To Apply Them

This best-selling lash extension starter kit comes with everything you need to apply false lashes from the comfort of your home — 10 “wisps” or small clusters of lashes, bond, seal, and an applicator. Plus, the wisps can be reused up to three times apiece, so you’ll get plenty of wear out of them.


The Rechargeable LED Vanity Mirror You Can Adjust & Swivel

If your makeup routine involve straining over your counter in order to see your mirror, there’s a better way. This lighted vanity mirror offers three magnification levels, a light panel consisting of 36 LEDs, and touch screen control. It comes in six colors, can be powered by battery or charged by USB, and it’s even portable.


An Eyeshadow Palette With 40 Colors For Day & Night Looks

With an eyeshadow palette that has this much variety, you can experiment, customize, and create countless looks for any occasion. Buyers compare it to more expensive name brand palettes on the market, noting that it’s vibrant, highly pigmented, and great for blending. And it squeezes all the shades into roughly 5 by 8 inches, so it won’t take up your entire drawer either.


These Eco-Friendly Cleansing Cloths That Keep Brushes Like New

These makeup brush cleaning sheets make it super easy to keep your brushes soft and clean — all it takes is a few drops of water and a few seconds of swishing your brush, and you’ll be good to go. And no worries if you’re cautious about the environmental effects of single-use products, they’re formulated to dissolve — and the packaging is biodegradable, too.


This Eyebrow Gel That Gives Long-Lasting Shape & Hold

An eyebrow gel that works well with other products and holds brows all day? Yes, please. It goes on clear so eyebrows of any shade can use it, and goes over any shade of pencil or powder. It promises to be comfortable and non-sticky. Even better, you can use the vegan gel as a clear mascara.


A Root Touch-Up Powder That Can Extend Time Between Hair Appointments

If you don’t want roots to show but don’t have time to get to the salon, a touch-up powder can be a great fix in the meantime. Just apply in the morning, and you can expect it to last all day. A brush is included for easy application, and five different colors are offered to blend in with most natural hair colors.


A 50-Pack Of Compressed Facial Sponges So You’re Always Stocked Up

These reusable and disposable sponges arrive compressed, so they take up a fraction of the space that other options can require. They come in a multi-colored pack, or you can buy all one shade to keep things coordinated. Plus, when air-dried between uses, each sponge can last for one to two weeks, so a single pack can last you up to two years.


These Acne Patches You Can Wear While You Sleep To Wake Up With Clearer Skin

These acne-healing hydrocolloid patches draw impurities from the skin, according to the maker, so just one application can make a visible difference in skin’s texture. They’re sized to cover problems areas (or just single blemishes, if you prefer), and they’re sheer and subtle on all skin tones.


An Eyelash Curler With Satin Carry Bag & Replacement Pads

This eyelash curler comes in a four different colors and styles, including prism, so if you’re over the plain silver look you’re definitely covered (although, that is one of the options if you prefer to keep it classic). Replacement silicone pads and a satin bag are included, so you can plan to have this gem of a tool long-term.


This Gentle & Effective Cleanser That Works For Most Skin Types

The First Aid Beauty brand commits to clean formulas and cruelty-free ingredients, and their Pure Skin Face Cleanser is no exception. Among other things it contains aloe and glycerin, plus the brand’s Antioxidant Booster, which includes white tea extract and licorice root extract. It’s fragrance-free, and you can pick up a travel size to try it out or go all the way.


A Moisturizing Cream You Can Use On Your Whole Body

Not sure about you, but almost every room of my house has a bottle of lotion in it. If your habits are anything like mine, you’ll appreciate this 16-ounce pump container of Vanicream moisturizing cream. It boasts thousands of 5-star ratings and an enthusiastic cult following, and it’s safe for sensitive skin and eczema, too.


This Long-Lasting Lip Tint In Bold, Bright, Beautiful Colors

If you like all day stay for your lip color, then the Ink Velvet Lip Tint from Peripera may deserve some space in your makeup bag. With more than 20 colors available and a slew of positive reviews, it promises to feel soft and lightweight, and yep — even to last all day.


A Trio Of Tried & True Loofah Sponges For Luxe Lathering

Can one ever have too many loofahs? Whether you’re buying for yourself and your roommates or a partner, or you want to keep extras under the sink for when it’s time to swap, you’ll be set with this loofah 3-pack. There are four sets to choose from, each with three unique colors, and three loofahs that are just under 5 inches in diameter.


A Light & Soft Moisturizer With No Filler Ingredients

If you like your moisturizers to have one ingredient, then this pure almond oil might be your new favorite. You can use it on your whole body, and it promises to nourish skin and not to clog pores. it’s available in 4-, 16-, and 32-ounce bottles. Plus, it’s cruelty-free.


These Blender Sponges That Work Just As Well As Pricey Versions

These makeup sponges will be the new MVPs of your beauty routine. If you haven’t tried blender sponges before, they can be used nearly every step of your routine, and different effects can be created by different parts of the sponge. Not only that, but you can use it wet or dry. Best of all, they’re washable and reusable.


An Energizing Scrub With Real Arabica Coffee

Turns out coffee isn’t just a delightful drink; it can enhance your skin care routine, too. From OGX, this coconut and coffee scrub is formulated to exfoliate and moisturize, and it smells amazing according to reviewers. With more than 35,000 ratings and a 4.7-star average, scores are especially high when it comes to the scent, the value, and it’s moisturizing properties.


These Cute Brush Covers That Protect Your Brushes & Your Surfaces

Do you second-guess yourself when tossing a loose makeup brush into a bag or purse? Me too. Lucky for us, these silicone brush holders are here. They fit over brushes of varying sizes (small brushes can fit together in one), and not only do they protect your brush heads from potentially dirty surfaces, and but they keep your bags clean, too.


A Quartz Roller For An Easy & Luxurious Facial Massage

You can keep this quartz facial roller in your bathroom for a quick pick-me-up during your regular routine, or pop it in the fridge to keep it extra cold and refreshing. The roller is believed to be great for skin, face circulation, and lymphatic drainage. It’s available as a single rose quartz tool, or as a jade roller with a gua sha stone.


These Trusty Tweezers That Are Great For Precise Plucking

Few things are more annoying than trying to use tweezers that aren’t angled enough, or don’t have a tight enough pinch. Thankfully, these professional tweezers solve such problems. They have a stainless steel tip, and the body comes in seven different colors so you’ll always be able to spot them in your makeup bag or drawer.


This Pillowy Soft Shave Cream Infused With Coconut Oil

This best-selling shaving cream comes in multiple scents (pomegranate raspberry, anyone?) and with multiple specialties, including formulas for sensitive skin or extra moisture. It promises to go on smoothly, and the best part? The ingredients are sustainably sourced. Over 18,000 people rate this five stars.


These Lashes That Can Be Used For Natural To Glam Looks

These faux mink eyelashes come in sets of five, and they’re reusable up to 15 times apiece (not a typo!). They promise to be super soft, and tons of the reviews are from buyers raving about the looks they were able to achieve. A range of sizes and curl options are available, too.


A Set Of Gorgeous Matte Lip Colors With A Bonus Gloss

If you like the sound of a different matte liquid lipstick for every day of the week, then you’ll love this set. Along with seven colors, there’s a glossy lip plumper that gives you extra shine, too. According to buyers, they’re long-lasting and there’s even a pleasant scent to them.


An Effective & Nourishing Eyelash Remover That Tackles Glue & Residue

With this eyelash extension remover, you can gently and comfortably remove false lashes (or the glue on them). Made with rosewater, it promises to remove both the lash adhesive and residue without irritating eyes. As with many false eyelash steps, it can take a bit of practice to master the technique, but with a little patience this remover can work wonders.


An Exfoliating Body Scrubber That Gives You Perfect Lather

This silicone body brush takes your shower or bath to the next level with gentle and effective exfoliation. It features finger and hand slots to give you a comfortable grip, and the soft bristles work well without irritation. A variety of bright colors are available, and you can buy multi-packs and give some to your friends.


An MVP Black Mascara That’s Long-Lasting & Waterproof

It’s hard to go wrong with a classic black mascara. Lash Princess Mascara from essence cosmetics checks all the boxes; it’s waterproof, gives you great volume that rivals false lashes, and lasts all day. Plus, it’s cruelty-free, and the reviews are full of enthusiastic buyers raving and favorably comparing it to legacy brands (and at a little-bitty price!).


A Waterproof Eyeliner With A Precise Tip That’s Easy To Use

This cult favorite liquid eyeliner comes in two practical and pretty colors: brown and black. The fine, flexible tip allows you to create both natural and dramatic looks depending on your mood, and the formula is long-lasting, waterproof, and smudgeproof. Plus, it’s vegan and cruelty-free.

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