Derry Girls fans ‘bawling’ after beautiful moment in last night’s episode

Robert Hundley

Episode four of the final series of Derry Girls hit our screens last night (May 3) and as ever, it proved to be a hit with fans.

However, there was one bit that especially tugged at the heartstrings and feeling very loved up. During the episode on Channel 4, the friends crossed over the border to Donegal to help clean up the house of Sister Michael’s dead aunt ahead of her wake the following day.

But along the way, they experienced a few issues including James getting knocked out after an incident with the vehicle they drove to the house. They then had a rather scary night in the property located in the middle of nowhere and surrounded by Irish speakers who the girls and James struggled to understand.

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In the end, it turned out the group were in the wrong house entirely after Sister Michael came across the chaos on the morning of her aunt’s wake. However, their teacher was able to save them from a stern scolding from the owner of the house after she told them not to judge them as they suffer from “being from Derry”.

During the ensuing madness, viewers said they were left in tears as romance appeared to blossom, only to be stubbed out quickly. It all revolved around James and Erin.

After surviving a night in the house, James finds Erin downstairs and starts speaking about his feelings for her, prompted by fears he had while knocked out and concerns he might die of the things he wish he had said. One of these it turned out was the fact he really likes Erin, although he clumsily gets to this point when he accidentally says “I like me, Erin”.

After he finally gets his words right and expresses his long-time affections for Erin, James begins to walk away not expecting to have anything in return. However, things get flipped when Erin pulls James back and the two begin kissing.

Sadly though, the love in the room is quickly squashed by the arrival of James’ cousin and one of Erin’s best friends Michelle who scorns the pair for their actions. This reaction eventually leads to Erin saying the time might not be right for them to get together, to which James answers that he will “wait” for her.

Following the romantic scenes, fans of the hit sitcom took to social media to express their delight at the moment James expressed his feelings and also that he would wait for Erin. Many admitted they were crying.

One Twitter user – The Irish Feminist – said “Bawling at James saying he’d wait for Erin” along with a picture of teary eyes and lots of love hearts. Another person said: “Don’t think I’ll ever get over the Jerin kiss ahhh.”

Other fans said the whole plotline around James and Erin had left them “feeling so overwhelmed”. Another said: “‘It’s okay, I can wait’ SCREAMING INTO A PILLOW I LOVE JAMES.”

However, for some it did not come as a surprise that James had feelings for Erin, pointing out something that happened in the second series. During episode five entitled ‘The Prom’, James comes to Erin’s side after she is stood up by her date, skipping a Doctor Who convention in order to help his friend.

Reflecting on this after last night’s episode, Meg Reeves tweeted: “You don’t leave a Doctor Who convention for no good reason. It was always meant to be!”

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