cPanel vs Plesk VPS: Which Is More User-friendly?

Robert Hundley

Since running and managing a web server is completely different from operating a personal computer or laptop, choosing the right control panel is essential for efficient server management. Therefore, you have many options when you launch a website and start looking for web hosting services

Among these, VPS Hosting is one of the most popular ones since it offers a dedicated server-like hosting environment in an affordable package. In VPS Hosting, your site resides on a Virtual Server with dedicated resources, full root access, and account isolation. 

Hence, you can change the server and customise the hosting environment per your site’s needs. But, of course, you will have to interact with the server. So, unless you are technically skilled and adept at writing code or using the Command Line Interface, you will need a control panel that makes all server-related tasks simple and easy.

There are many control panels available for Virtual Servers. Of these, cPanel and Plesk are two of the most popular ones. Today, we will compare cPanel and Plesk Hosting on a VPS to determine which is more user-friendly.

cPanel vs Plesk VPS Hosting

Here are some factors that can help understand the user-friendliness of cPanel and Plesk VPS Server Hosting:

  • Interface

While most people focus on the control panel’s functionality, the interface plays an important role in its effectiveness. 

When we compare cPanel and Plesk, it is easy to see that Plesk has a much cleaner interface. However, cPanel, the more popular control panel, has the benefit of familiarity among site owners.

  • Cost

Control panels for VPS Hosting are paid. While some hosting companies might include the price of the control panel in the hosting plan, you are still paying for it. Plesk is slightly costlier than cPanel. 

Hence, many users don’t opt for Plesk unless they look for its specific features.

  • Supported Operating Systems

One of the major drawbacks of cPanel is that it supports only a few Linux distributions. 

You cannot use cPanel with a Windows Hosting plan. Plesk, on the other hand, supports Windows and Linux VPS Servers. This makes Plesk VPS Hosting more flexible than cPanel Hosting.

  • Performance

Plesk takes slightly more time to load compared to cPanel. Also, various server management tasks can be completed faster with cPanel than with Plesk. 

However, this will also depend on the server configuration and other factors.

Summing Up

Plesk and cPanel are highly secure and feature-rich control panels that simplify VPS Server management. 

While there is no clear winner between the two, your choice should depend on the operating system you plan to use and the comfort you feel while using the control panel. 

Remember, when you opt for VPS Hosting, you must take care of various server-related tasks and use the control panel extensively. Therefore, ensure you get your hands on both before deciding. Good luck! 

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