Best Curly Hair Salons in the U.S.

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Anyone with textured hair can tell you that washing, cutting, styling, and general curl care require practice, knowledge, and a special touch. With that being said, it’s time for round two of the top salons around the country. But this time, it’s all about those with curls, kinks, and coils. Read on for the top curly hair salons in nine major U.S. cities.

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Top Curly Hair Salons in Atlanta, GA


In their own words, “Curltopia is a place where it’s all about making peace with your hair.” Whether you have natural hair, are transitioning, are struggling with frizz, or prefer a straight mane, this Deva-inspired salon has you covered. Curltopia’s team of stylists are extensively trained under the Deva method and boast knowledge in every texture and type of curl.
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Southern Curl

Southern Curl has been a salon staple in Atlanta since 2009. Owner Robin Sjoblom, a curly girl herself, is considered one of the top curl experts in the country and is one of Atlanta’s original DevaCurl Level 3 Certified Stylists. Robin and her team have used their expertise and talent to create an environment for those with curly and natural textures to sit down, feel comfortable, and cared for.
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Top Curly Hair Salons in Austin, TX

Austin Curls

Jasmin Todd, the owner of Austin Curls, is a dedicated and experienced stylist who has worked across the country, in the entertainment industry, and as a teacher, training stylists and salon owners on how to incorporate and include curly services into their salons. The stylists at Austin Curls utilize many cutting techniques but are certified in and carry Ouidad. The goal of their approach is to identify your pattern, enhance your curl, and eliminate the triangle effect.
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Duality Salon

Named one of the Top Salons in Northwest Austin, Duality Salon is all about balancing inner beauty with outer beauty. Duality’s roster of stylists covers every area from DevaCurl and Rezo Curl Cut specialists to barbering, balayage, and more. Owner Lyndsey Kincer, an Austin native who brings over 17 years of experience to the industry, works alongside her knowledgeable and friendly team to bring you the style you’ve been looking for.
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Top Curly Hair Salons in Chicago, IL

Curls & Company

Curls & Company is one of the first natural curly-focused salons on the Northside of Chicago. Located in Rogers Park, a very diverse section of the city, Curls & Company is a go-to salon for those with all types of coils across all neighborhoods. While the stylists at Curls & Company are trained to work on all hair types, they specialize in dry curly cutting and the DevaCurl method. The reviews say it all: Curls & Company is “the alternative to the average salon.”
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Penny Lane Studios

Penny Lane Studios is located in the Logan Square neighborhood of Chicago but is talked about all across the city. Voted 2019’s Best Salon by the Chicago Reader, Penny Lane is the place to go if you are looking for a curly hair specialist. This woman-owned business not only provides curly hair services, but they also offer coaching sessions so you can go home feeling confident about how to care for your new ‘do.
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Top Curly Hair Salons in Los Angeles, CA

Virgo Salon

Virgo Salon specializes in all hair textures from straight to kinky and coily. But what makes Virgo unique is that their approach is rooted in making the best of what is naturally yours, as well as adding or subtracting textural elements in a healthy way. Virgo Salon was created by celebrity stylist and former Vidal Sassoon Salon educator Mateo Jon in an effort to reinvent the way people think about and experience their own hair in a private, low-key, friendly environment. Alongside natural and sustainable products, their fashion-forward and aesthetic edge round out Virgo’s new approach to beauty.
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Thairapy – A Curly Hair Salon

Located in the heart of South Pasadena, Thairapy Salon boasts a team of Level 3 DevaCurl and Great Lengths Extensions certified experts. While they welcome all hair types, Thairapy’s hair artists specialize in naturally curly and wavy hair, dry cutting, pintura, balayage, women’s short styles, and color corrections.
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Top Curly Hair Salons in Miami, FL

The Curl Whisperer

With more than 20 years of experience working with all types of waves, curls, and coils, the stylists at The Curl Whisperer have a deep understanding of all hair types from 2A to 4C. You can find techniques from DevaCurl, Ouidad, Rëzo, and Forevercurl all under one roof at The Curl Whisperer, as well as curly cut services, coloring, styling, and treatment sessions.
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CiCiLove Curls Hair Studio

CiCiLove Curls Hair Studio is not your regular salon. Loudney Thompson launched her hair studio in 2019 after over a decade love affair with hair. After working in salons for many years, Thompson found herself disillusioned by the fact that so many curly services were created around removing curls rather than caring for and embracing them.

In her own words, “While clients were always satisfied with their finished look, I struggled to rationalize the use of tools that pulled and damaged my clients’ curly hair. I also grew tired of my daughter seeing me straighten hair and believing that to be beautiful, her hair had to be long and straight.” In 2015, Thompson shifted her focus toward services that promote the health and growth of textured hair, and earned two DevaCurl certifications along with her barbering license, making CiCiLove Curls Hair Studio an all-encompassing, confidence-boosting environment.
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Top Curly Hair Salons in Minneapolis, MN

Curl Power Salon

“Curl, texture, wave, pattern, bend, coil, twist—however you wear your crown is powerful.” That’s the motto at Curl Power, a Minneapolis salon started by founder and master stylist, Rosie Jablonsky. Jablonsky entered the hair arena after working in film making, social justice organizing, circus arts, and puppetry.

In Jablonksy’s words, “I wanted a salon where all hair is good hair, all bodies are good bodies, and where there are infinite ways to be beautiful. I decided the best way to live your dream is to make it happen. Breaking free of society’s beauty ‘shoulds’ is a big job for all of us, so I gave myself permission to create Curl Power as a salon and community dedicated to inclusion and diversity. I especially invite my LGBTQI+ family of all genders to this salon, where we understand the importance of a safe and validating space to be heard, explore and express who you are.”

If you’re looking for a space that not only offers incredible curl services but also provides a safe and inclusive space for expression, then Curl Power is for you.
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Twisted Hare Salon

A curl-focused salon, Twisted Hare invites you to “come down the rabbit hole to Twisted Hare Salon for a specialized curly experience.” Twisted Hare’s reputation shines through their client reviews and the fact that people from all over the world visit this salon for curly services. From North Dakota to South Korea, Twisted Hare has been a staple in the lives of those with textured hair for years. Their staff alone boasts 20+ years of experience in styling and services from cutting and coloring to locs and twist-outs.
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Top Curly Hair Salons in New York City, NY

Leslie Ellen Curly Hair Salon

Leslie Ellen Abbate is a passionate hair artist who has been in the industry for over 20 years. And while any hair texture is invited to sit in her chair, she specializes in curly hair treatments and coloring techniques for fine, wavy, and thick curly lengths. After training at Vidal Sassoon and gaining years of industry experience, Abbate has acquired the titles of Senior Stylist and Master Colorist. Her clients have called her “the fairy of curly hair beauty” and “a professional who provides a life-changing hair experience.”
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The Curl Suite NYC

With two locations, one in NYC and one in Long Island, the Curl Suite is a go-to spot for those with curly locks across New York State. Owner and curly hair expert, Alex Mnayarji, has not only worked side by side with Ouidad and launched her own curl system, but she has also been a platform stylist, worked NY Fashion Week, and created looks for various Broadway productions.

The Curl Suite was born in 2018 so that Mnayarji could create a more exclusive experience for both new and existing clients. According to the Curl Suite website, “as a leader in this new era of natural, textured hair, [Mnayarji] is an unparalleled stylist who can make all of your wildest Curly Dreams come true.”
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Top Curly Hair Salons in Philadelphia, PA

Duafe Hair Salon

Duafe Salon has been on top of Philly’s Natural Hair scene since 2001. Earning callouts from Vogues and servicing clients like Janet Jackson and Ava DuVernay, Duafe has been a trendsetter in holistic haircare. Duafe has been awarded “Best of Philly” two years running for its expertise and unparalleled service, and have had its stylists featured in O Magazine, Essence, Ebony, Business Week, Vogue, Black Enterprise, and more.
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Fringe Salon

“We give you the tools and knowledge you need to have a hairstyle you can easily recreate at home.” That’s the goal at Fringe, a salon where health and easy maintenance are key. Fringe is a boutique salon and art gallery located in the heart of South Philly that uses DevaCurl products and technique, as well as Kevin Murphy. Fringe stylists specialize in curly cuts as well as the art of pintura, a special curly hair coloring technique.
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Top Curly Hair Salons in Portland, OR

Haircraft by Jo

Haircraft by Jo is powered by an eco-conscious, holistic hairdresser located in SE Portland named JoJo. In their own words, “I am a hair sculptor! I specialize in sculpted, lived-in looks, working with the hairs natural movement, making them low maintenance and easy to manage. I cut intuitively, based on French style hair cutting, taking into consideration the hairs natural movement creating haircuts that last. I hand carve creating personalized, sculpted playful styles that look effortless, even the next day. Freehand cutting along a person’s own curl or texture gives everyone their own unique look. This has all led to my trademarked Curlcraft™ hair cutting and styling methods, as well as becoming a curly hair coach in my own Curlcraft education courses.”
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The Curly Hair Studio

The Curly Hair Studio was created by Atoya, a curl expert and educator who refers to herself as a “curl minimalist.” Atoya’s goal within the curly hair community is to take methods that seem complicated and break them down into simple truth, in turn making curly hair styling and maintenance more approachable for a broader audience. A service at the Curly Hair Studio, with Atoya or another one of her accomplished stylists, will leave you feeling rested, nurtured, and refreshed.
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